Mobile service provider_Times of Zambia_ 25 April 2015

Date: April 25, 2015
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Name of Article: Mobile service provider

Name of Publication: Times of Zambia

Date: 25 April, 2015

Country:  Zambia

The above picture is among many other pictures where women’s bodies are to sell services and goods through advertising. In this picture, a young mother and her baby’s picture are selling the services a mobile company in Zambia Air-tel. The use of a baby girl in the advertisement shows how advertisers prefer using female bodies or images to sell their products. At a tender age, a baby girl is on the paper to sell products sending a message that it was only through women or girls’ bodies that one can sell their services or products.

Women appear negatively in advertising, we live in an age inundated with advertising, from commercials on TV to posters on the sides of buses. We see ads every time we open a magazine or call up a Web page on the Internet. All that exposure has a significant effect, and the stakes are often more than deciding whether to buy a certain product. Women, in particular, can suffer some serious psychological blows from the subtle and pervasive effects of advertising aimed at them.

It is a stereotype to believe that women do sell, we have to see man in all this advertisement and the child it wrong only if it was a kid’s products it was going to make sense not this.


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