CSW59: Day 1- Preventing and responding to violence against women by Jean-Max Appanah

CSW59: Day 1- Preventing and responding to violence against women by Jean-Max Appanah

Date: March 10, 2015
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My first CSW59 side event session at the United Nations began today, Monday 10th March 2015 at the DHL Audition at 11.30am. The proposed theme for discussion was “Preventing and responding to violence against women”. I have this remarkable and unique experience in meeting 2 individuals, just prior to the event, who turned out to be members of the panel. Dr Christina Pallito, a leading figure on the Gender-based Violence Research at the World Health Organization. Dr. Pallito spoke of the “Health care for Women subjected to intimate partner violence or sexual violence”. She then introduced me to Dr. Micheal Flood of the University of Wollongon, Australia. Dr. Flood spoke on “Working with Men and Boys to Changes of Social Norms and Reduction of Inequities in Gender Relations: A Conceptual Shift in Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls”. He was very interested in the work being carried by the “ZVZ men based faith group in Mauritius. We have exchanged our contact details.

Other panellist included Dr Mary Ellsberg, Director of the Global Women’s institute and she spoke on the evidence on the “Prevention of Violence against women”. We had a brief chat after the event and we exchanged our contact details. Ms Peggie Ramaphane, Executive Director of Women Against Rape association in Botswana talked on the “Call to action on violence against Women”. We exchanged our contacted references as she was really keen to know about the work being done by the ZVZ group in Mauritius. I approached Ms Danielle Maycock, President Soroptimist International, Barbados to an earlier question she raised to the members of the panel as to the role of men in preventing and responding to violence against Women and to provide her with a solution.

My second CSW59 side event afternoon session washeld in the GA Building in the Conference room 07 at 13.15. Norway has been at the forefront the Protection of the Human Rights throughout the world and in December 2013 the UN has adopted a Resolution on the Protection in practice for Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD). WHRDs from Mexico, Afghanistan, Egypt and Africa were among the members of the panel and every single member of audience was moved by their testimonies. WHRD do agree that the States have an important role in enforcing the UN Resolution on the protection of WHRDs. Religious leaders need to distinguish their political views from their true mission. Networking among WHRD groups is vital for their survival. A leading politician from Turkey recognised the struggle was not against the States but against the ideology.




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