South Africa: Ntomboxolo Mrubata Follow up entrepreneurship I story.

Date: November 12, 2015
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South Africa. Ntomboxolo Mrubata

The most memorable experience as part of the training is Phase 2. I have learned a lot of how to do a business plan and how to sell or market my business, about communication, skills, understanding the competition and to select a good location for my business.

I joined training in 2015, I only attended phase 2 because I heard later about the trainings of Phase 1. The most useful thing about the training was the opportunity about opening the business and estimate the budget, equipment and material I might need to start the business.  I have leaned how I can market my business and make sure I am visible in the community. Have a tax clearance and register for the business.

The most difficult thing is how to get funds to buy new equipment and material so that the project can run smoothly. Yes, the training has help me to register my business CIPC and SARS and now I am busy with BEE certificate and I have managed   to do this that after the SA summit.

My challenge is space, we need a bigger space and need to upgrade the electricity to be on the standard of a laundry.

Before I came to this training I was a HIV/Aids activist doing awareness programs.


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