16 Days of Peace Taxi Campaign

16 Days of Peace Taxi Campaign

Date: November 15, 2013
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Tjoon’in is a Gender Links production in partnership with Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality and Gauteng Women in Transport, produced by CMFD Productions as part of the 2008 16 Days of Activism campaign for distribution on public transport. The CD is a mix of fun and interesting audio pieces, including spots (PSAs), music, personal testimonies, and reports that raise awareness about various 16 Days themes, particularly gender violence, xenophobia, human trafficking, and men as partners. Produced in a participatory way including transport stakeholders, taxi drivers, and survivors of gender violence, the CD was distributed primarily through the taxi associations to be played in taxis during 16 Days, but also made available for airplay.

From 10 – 12 November, CMFD facilitated a workshop in which young media students, representatives of organisations, and survivors of gender violence collaborated to make radio features that will be included on the CD.During the course of the workshop, participants learned how to plan a programme, make a radio feature, conduct interviews, and script narration. They went out into central Johannesburg to interview representatives of organisations, researchers, and people at taxi ranks and on the streets about gender violence. The end result is four features exploring domestic violence, xenophobia, human trafficking and men as partners.

Radio Spots
Produced in a one-day workshop with city councillors from the municipality of Ekurhuleni, these six entertaining and engaging radio spots are designed to get people thinking about the gender discrimination we see around us every day.

“I” Stories
For the third year, CMFD Productions recorded and produced spoken narrations by survivors of gender violence as part of Gender Links “I” Stories project, conducted annually as part if 16 Days to ensure that survivors of violence have the opportunity to have their voices heard. The audio recording complement a print publication and distribution of these stories to media as part of 16 Days coverage. These audio recording are being made available to radio stations, and also included on the Taxi CD

The music
Music can communicate a message in a way unlike any other medium. Over the last few years, CMFD has initiated a number of projects to use music to talk about violence against women, HIV/AIDS, human trafficking, and most recently xenophobia. A number of these are being contributed as part of the Taxi CD. Begun in September 2007, the music against xenophobia series of 4 songs, supported by MMINO,  is debuting on this CD.

Loveness Jambaya Nyakujarah on 16 Days
Loveness Jambaya Nyakujarah on GL
Judith Mtsewu on women and transport

Download : Tjoon In Information Sheet
Download : Tjoon'In Feature - Xenophobia
Download : Tjoon'In Feature - Human Trafficking
Download : Tjoon'In Feature - Men as Partners
Download : Tjoon'In Taxi Spot - Your taxi, my taxi
Download : Tjoon'In Taxi Spot - Passenger Treatment
Download : Tjoon'In Taxi Spot - HIV
Download : Tjoon'In Taxi Spot - One Seat, one fare
Download : Tjoon'In Taxi Spot - Xenophobia
Download : Turning of the Tables
Download : Sinjengo Mfula
Download : Swita Hela
Download : Andiyiqondi
Download : Alertos da Vida
Download : Interview - Judith Mtsewu

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