After we broke-up my husband asked me to return and i refused

Date: November 26, 2019
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I started my business selling in the informal market and saw no profit from what I was doing, and today I already have a bank in the Central Market of Mandlakazi Village and through the experience I gained I bought a freezer, TV, Electrified my house.

My name is Nora António Luís, I’m 56 years old. I am from Gaza – Mandlakazi, I started selling since 2005 in the informal market, I am a mother of 4 children 3 older and 1 who still attend the school that I pay thanks to the business I do, I have been separated since 2011.I suffered psychological violence because I was married to a man who already had 2 women and living in this home not easy until one day decides to take my children and leave that relationship. My husband still wants me to return but I preferred to break up and now I feel I was happy and I was happy with the decision I made, my 3 children finished high school missing the youngest 16 years old who is currently attending classes.

In 2013, I attended a Gender-based Entrepreneurship and Violence training, which brought benefit for me and other women who participated. From that training, I learned how to make a program, budget products and mainly make savings, leave the informal market and now I am a salesperson in the central market and I feel like a victorious woman with the knowledge I acquired in entrepreneurship training.Prior to training the business level was very low, no savings, much less business experience.

From the date, I attended training I had significant gains, which through profits, electrified the house where I live with my children, bought a freezer, a TV, I was able to pay school for my children, buy land and build a house masonry. Another thing that helps me make my dreams come true is that I already do something common, I feel self-sufficient and free to do what I want.