I am financially stable thanks to my business

Date: November 21, 2019
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I am Gilda Carlos Langa Osman, I am 45 years old, and I started selling in informal market at age 19, products such as: sugar, flour and milk powder. Later I got married and went back to my birthplace Mandlakazi, continued with my business, selling capulana and fabrics.

I have three sons, the eldest just finished his degree, and the two others are still in high school.

Since 2013, I make sweet and salty, make event decorations, has helped a lot in supporting my family I have a fellow husband who helps me and he supports the Gender Links program.With my Husband, I never suffered any violence if not from their family psychological because they initially did not accept our relationship because they are of Islamic origin, thanks to our love we managed to overcome.

In my beginning, I had only one worker, but now I count with more four collaborators, totalizing five. Two of them work decorations and the other three are seasonal just in case of a lot of work.

With the incomes, I bought a Nissan Xtrail car, living room sofa, and curtains and built two capoeira’s.

Despite I had gains four years ago, now I am facing some challenges and i am thinking in investing in other kind of business such as selling eggs, because selling used clothes is no longer rentable as used to be.