I continue to live in fear

Date: November 1, 2019
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My name is Nomsa. I stay Ga-Mashashane, Mohlonong. I was married in the Mabotja family from 2007. Things were fine between me and my husband until 2013. In 2013 he started drinking and abusing me physically. He would come home and beat me up after drinking. I had to run to the police station trying to save my life, I even got a protection order against him that year. He refused to go to court on the 20 January 2014, and continued to beat me up instead. I was advised to open a case against him, my only fear was that his family would kill me. I persevered and I went to the social workers, when they called him to talk to him he did not care to listen. I then decided to move out of the house and filed for divorce even the children refused to stay with him.

I got the divorce certificate but that did not stop him from following me. He came to my house broke my door. I now live in fear of what he will do next. Even though I am now renting I still do not live in peace because he always has a way of finding me and harassing me any time he wants. I do not know what to do anymore to get away from him. It has been three years since I opened a case against him after he physically abused me but he still follows me around and beats me up. He made sure to ask around and found out here I moved to now when he is drunk he comes to the house and continues harassing me.

I am afraid that he might hurt or even start abusing my children as well. My fear is what he would do to my little girls if he ever finds them alone at the house. I have tried everything in my power to run away from him but he is still able to find and harass me. I cannot defend myself from him. He disrespects the law and does not listen to the social workers. My moving out of the house did not help much because he still follows me wherever I go. I continue to live in fear of my life and my children’s life.