In laws from hell

Date: November 1, 2019
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My name is Sarah* I was married at the age of 27 but I entered with Satan in my marriage. My sisters in law abused me and that lead my husband to abuse me as well. They told him he cannot work for me he must help his mother as his father had passed on.  They said I must work for my children and not expect anything from my husband. My husband never took care of me nor our children. He used to come back from work and never even visit his children he would only go and see his siblings.

I worked hard and provided for my children with the little that I made. When I told my mother, she advised me to go open a case and claim for maintenance. A case was opened and he never showed up until he was summoned to pay maintenance.  He stopped talking to me after that, he would come home during holidays like Good Friday, Christmas and when there were funerals at home but he would go see his family only not caring to check up on his children.

He did not care to know about his children or even ask how they are doing. When I talk to him he pretends to understand but he would do nothing about it. He used disappear for months, come home, and refuse to use a condom when we have sex and he would accuse me of having affairs. My family told me to stay in that abusive relationship because they took lobola money. I am now working towards making enough money for me and my children so that I can get out of this relationship