Is emotional abuse not abuse

Date: November 1, 2019
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My Name is Kedibone* I got married to my husband in 1995 and in 1997 we had our first child this is when he started to abuse me.  He was a very jealous man. When I went to work, he would follow me to make sure I am at work. He used to swear at me in front of my co-workers. He would beat me up in front of my children. When they cry he would chase them away. If it rains, he would wake up the children and chase them outside. He used to call me names and say I am not his type.

Month end when he got paid he would not buy us any grocery but would chase us away. He would come with young girls and sleep with them in front of me. I decided to open a case at the police against him however the police did not take any action against him. When I come back from work he would finger me and, say he wants to check if I did not sleep with other men. He used to tell me that I am too old for him, that he is used to younger women. He even threatened to kill me. I later gained enough courage to live him and decided to divorce him this October.