Mauritius: Karouna’s Story

Date: October 9, 2019
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I am Karouna, 25 years old, born and raised in Plaine Magnien village. My father was a labourer and my mother was a housewife. Moreover I have two sisters and one brother. Even though we were poor, my parents gave me everything I wanted. I went to the RCA St Patrice primary school and after that I went to Hamilton College to pursue my secondary education. I studied up to Form five and later I joined a textile factory where I was working as stationery clerk. Later on, I joined another company and worked as a cashier for one year.

At the age of 20, I got married and it was a love marriage. One year later I gave birth to a baby boy and everyone in the family was very happy. After my delivery, my husband and I decided that I will stay for one week at my parents’ place and one week at our place as he was working on a night shift. At present my son is four years old; he is attending pre-primary school and my husband works at Preskil Hotel in housekeeping. Unfortunately, his salary is not enough to cater for our family. I live at my in-law’s place but we live on different floor. My father-in-law passed away before I got married. I do not mingle with my mother-in-law but I visit her only when there are religious rituals. I also have two brothers-in-law, one sister-in-law and a nephew and everyone live their life separately but when there are festivals we all join together and work hand in hand. I think it is better so as to avoid family problems.

My husband and I have good mutual understanding and we try as much as possible to give our son the best upbringing. He is very caring and he helps me in the household chores. Even if he mingles a lot with his friends he never neglects us. We are not a well off family, but we had never beg nor went to bed on an empty stomach. However, I sometimes regret it when as parents, my husband and I cannot afford to give my son the same luxury as his friends.

I am following this training with Gender Links so as to increase my skills, know-how and to have a better future. I firmly believe that I would start my own business after the completion of the training. I think I will have to take a loan to start the business as I do not have enough fund. I hope by 2017 the business will already be established. After five years I wish to export the products that I will manufacture so as to get more profit.