Needed my power back

Date: November 1, 2019
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My name is Mary* at the age of 6 years my mother left us because my father abused her. She was the second wife to my father who was a womaniser. While she was still staying with us she got so sick, so much that we thought she would die. My mother hired a woman who was supposed to be our nanny, she was from around were we stayed. While we were hoping that my mother will get better and come back home, my father decided to marry the nanny without telling my mother.

After the wedding, my mother decided to fetch us. My three brothers worked hard to help me and my sister and my mother. She eventually divorced him.  My father refused to give her 50% of their estate as the court ruled. She had a stand were my brothers build the house for her. She was always angry and took the anger out on us. After I completed my grade 12, I went and to study human resource and secretary course at the university. I met a person who I had a son with, he was a cheater, and a liar and we broke up.

I met another person who was an abuser; he would put screwdrivers on my neck if I refused to have sex with him. He would force me to go sleep at his place. I had my second son with him and the abuse got worse. I reported him and got a protection order against him. We later separated and I now have a supportive boyfriend who loves me.