Zimbabwe: Dependence pushed me on the pangs of emotional abuse

Date: October 10, 2019
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My name is Monkey* I was born in a family of eight that is, five boys and three girls. All our parents are alive and they managed to send all their children to school. I started school in 1996 and I successfully completed my ordinary level (form 4) in 2006. My aim was to enroll with a tertiary institution so as to pursue my career. Unfortunately, the dream never came true. 

Before I proceeded with my plan of pursuing a professional career I met a local guy who I fell in love with. The guy presented his interest in marrying me and I accepted his request. We got married when I was 18 years and I moved to stay at his parents’ place. I quickly adjusted to living with inlaws and everything was flowing smoothly. 

We lived happily for some time and I gave birth to three children. I and my husband we love each other the problem will only come when it comes to money issues. I was not having any source of income so I was depending on my husband but he always come home empty handed. Confronting him always invites verbal abuse that will culminate into emotional torture.  I quickly realised that if a woman does not do anything productive and depend on the husband for survival, life will be very difficult. It is really painful to wait for your husband to bring money home only for him to come and tell you that he used up all the money and he do not have anything left.  

We have three children who want to be fed, they want clothes and they must go to school. Their father will spend money on other personal things and come home empty handed. The situation always triggers verbal battles. This is the emotional torture that I am subjected to.  

I am now of the realisation that if I start a small business and earn money I will live peacefully with my husband.  I wish to start a poultry production project. I used to do a similar project before but it failed because of lack of capital. Life needs couples to help one another so as to live in peace and harmony. 

My request is for assistance so that I will start running my poultry production project. I was in pain because of the emotional abuse that I experienced but I have decided to bury the past and start on a new page.