Zimbabwe: Eggs business has changed my lifestyle

Date: July 4, 2019
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At first I thought that the abuse that I was facing was never going to end but with the training that I got from Gender Links all is now history. I am now sharing with others on how to prosper when running a business. I joined Gender Links (GL) in 2018 and the facilitators were quite free such that the whole group appreciated the entire sessions. I did not view myself as someone who could assist other women who faced abuse in their marriages but now most women come for advice on such issues. My main challenge was on how to get start-up capital but I finally managed to have a break through. 

I currently own SSK Poultry in WARD 17. I have 30 chickens where I collect more than 30 eggs daily. I also have 50 chicks which are four weeks old thus my egg collection rate is going to rise. I have decided to have layers chickens not broiler chickens because most of the people in my area in the poultry business have broilers. The training helped me to have a top ten list of my customers and this has boosted my sales. I did not receive any financial assistance from the council. I was helped by PIGAD. PIGAD invited lots of women to pay a joining fee and was to be given some chickens later. Some women thought that PIGAD was just a briefcase organization which was out to rob us and did not join. Those who joined were later given 30 layers chickens per individual and this is now paying off. They also gave us exercise books and ball point pens to do all the recordings in our businesses. They also taught us how to look after some layers chickens which they gave us, 30 birds per individual. The chickens were at the point of laying and that is where I started my egg selling business. I am now the facilitator of a group that was formed in my area where we have a revolving fund.  

I was facing abuse earlier but am doing business peacefully with my two children, Lee* and Adie*. My late husband was the one who used to abuse me. I have involved Lee* and Adie* so that they run around with most of the business errands. The community is appreciating the gamble I took in joining hands with PIGAD. The government is all talks with no meaningful contribution to the uplifting of women’s businesses. However, some laws have been changed to have women on the same level with men in societies.