Zimbabwe: Exposed to GBV and suffered the after effects

Date: October 10, 2019
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My name is Tsitsi* I am a woman aged 56. I am married and I have four children. I am currently living in Norton. I was exposed to a serious case of gender based violence and it affected me emotionally.  

It was in 1997 when my neighbour’s husband was not taking care of his family. He was not providing for the family and he was spending his money on beer. Whenever he received his salary he would not come home until all the money is used up. When the woman demands for money to cater for the family needs he would be brutally assaulted. The assaults became the order of the day and the woman was not able to share her problems with anyone. I was at the centre of everything and I could not do anything to protect the fellow woman. 

I lacked knowledge on where she could have got help. I stood aside and watched while unpleasant event were unfolding. I could not help her to be self sustenance and stop relying on the man who was abusing her. The situation pained me and it directly affected me. My neighbour was bottling things inside and it affected her. Her health deteriorated and because of lack of help she died. Until now I don’t know the cause of death but I cannot erase the incident from my head. 

The situation prompted me to work hard with my own hands and take care of myself. I vowed to help other women but I lacked the capacity to do so. I lacked the required knowledge to execute my pledge efficiently. I am glad that I am finally participating in a programme that is meant to capacitate and empower me.  

I am currently running a small business of buying and selling onions and second hand clothes. Besides this I was a knitter, unfortunately my knitting machine is broken down, it needs some spare parts. I want to be trained on how to run a business properly