Zimbabwe: Lived a pure life and later infected with an STI

Date: October 10, 2019
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My name is Thandeka* I was born in 1974 and I grew up as a well mannered person because of the religion I believed. Our religion taught us to be boys and girls who respected their virginity. When I was in grade seven tried to sexually abuse and he failed. He made several attempts but he failed. My uncle was always acting as a kind hearted person and I failed to report the matter to my parents because I felt that no one would believe me. 

At a later stage in life I got married and my husband was a promiscuous person. He was sleeping around and he got infected with an STI. He passed the STI to me and we both got ill. I approached a religious priest for healing to no avail. To date, am still suffering from the disease. 

We are now using protection with my husband but I do not enjoy sex because I will be feeling a lot of pain. Another challenge is that my in-laws were not happy when I got married to my husband. They are the ones who encouraged him to look for other women. We are in this situation because of their bad influence.  

It really pains me that I took good care of myself; I preserved myself pure with the hope that I will find a faithful man.  

As for the business, I am currently making and selling handbags. Occupying myself with business helps me to forget my troubles. The only problem I have in my business is that it is not growing because I am failing to establish a large market. I want to learn new methods of business management so that I develop my business. I am also into poultry production and I am taking care of an orphan whose mother died when she was one year old.