Zimbabwe: Lived as a sex slave

Date: October 10, 2019
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My name is TT* I grew up living with my uncle, my mother’s elder brother. My father had passed away and I was left with only my mother to take care of me. My mother had no source of income and she was depending on my uncle for survival and that is the reason why she left me under the custody of his brother.  

Growing up life was very tough; we used to sleep on empty stomachs. My uncle had no descent income despite the fact that he was better off than other members of the family.  Everyone in the family was looking up to him for survival. 

The wife of my uncle later fell ill and she succumbed to the disease. I was left staying with my uncle and he started abusing me sexually. Whenever he wanted sex he would come to me to quench his sexual appetite. I was living in pain but I had no one to turn to for help. I would have left but I had nowhere to go so I stayed while being used as a sex slave. 

I later gathered the courage and reported the matter to my mother but she cautioned me not to disclose that to anyone. Her fear was that his brother will be arrested and there will be no one who will take care of the family.  

My uncle was sending me to school but it was a waste of time because I failed to concentrate at school because of the abuse. I failed to achieve anything in school because the abuse affected me psychologically. 

I was left with no one to turn to for help and I grew up as a sex slave until the time I was able to fight for my rights. I managed to find people who helped me. I went through counselling and i moved to stay at my own place. I started my business that is buying and selling but the business is not growing. I really want to be trained so that I will run my business profitably.