Zimbabwe: My husband broke my heart to tatters

Date: October 10, 2019
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I am Perpetua Chamba who was married to Lloyd Gamba and had two children. I decided to go and look for employment in South Africa because things were becoming tough in Zimbabwe. Lloyd readily accepted and I left him with the children. My former school mates who were already in South Africa accommodated me and assisted me to get employment as a house maid. After two months I sent some money to Lloyd that he applies for a passport so that he could join me in South Africa. I expected him in South Africa in four months time. Lloyd did not come or even call and I had to return to Zimbabwe. I found that Lloyd was co-habiting with another woman. He accepted that he was in a polygamous marriage and was not prepared to go with me to South Africa. Our two children were now in the custody of my parents. 

I realised that Lloyd had not even applied for a passport with the money I had sent to him. I then made it clear to him that our two children would be staying my parents and not with his new wife. I left for South Africa heart-broken because Lloyd had dashed all the hopes that I had of us of keeping our children as a caring and loving couple. In 2014 my mother called and informed me that Lloyd had taken our younger child to stay with him. They also informed me that he had the other one a month earlier. I then sought permission from my employers to come and sort the issue at the court of law. 

The magistrate gave a ruling in my favour that I was the rightful custodian of the two children. I then returned to my workplace and left the children with my parents. Lloyd vowed not to support the children in any form. I regularly sent some food items, clothes and money to my parents for my two children’s welfare. Lloyd never gave support in any form let alone calling to check on how the children were. 

In December 2016, as I was preparing to come to Zimbabwe for the festive holidays, I received some very disturbing news from my father. He called and told me that my younger child had just collapsed and was rushed to hospital. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Chegutu hospital. I was astounded and could not believe it. My employers bought me an air ticket and I was met at the then Harare International airport by my cousin brother. Lloyd attended the funeral and left soon after burial. 

I returned to South Africa after a month long stay in Zimbabwe. Lloyd then convinced our elder child to go and stay with him. He waited for him as he was coming from school and went with him to his place of residence. When I heard about the incident I was shocked by Lloyd’s cruelty. I am now staying in Zimbabwe and has vowed not to enter into a relationship anytime soon as I just all men. I perceive that all men are just ruthless.