Zimbabwe: The mistake of my life

Date: October 10, 2019
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My name is Martha* and the only girl in a family of five children. I used to be very close to all my brothers such that I would even sleep in their bedroom together with them. We all saw nothing bad about that though my mother discouraged me against such acts. My father was not aware about it. I finally took heed to my mother’s advice but I did not know that one of my brothers, Thomas*, had developed some feelings towards me. I was fifteen and Thomas* was eighteen years old by then. Whenever we had a brother to sister hug Thomas* would whisper into my ear that I was the most beautiful girl he had ever come across. At first I felt offended but when he continued saying such phrases and other praises I began to like it. I would invite him to my room and we would chat endlessly. Thomas* and I would lie side by side on my bed and on numerous occasions we both fell asleep only to wake up the following morning. 

One night Thomas* came into my room with a half bottle of red wine. We diluted it with some soft drinks and I could feel that the world was spinning after the second glass. He then started showing me some pornographic videos. I remembered that we started kissing and he unbuttoned my blouse. He then locked the door and we continued kissing and finally he broke my virginity. The next morning I did not want to get out of my room because I was ashamed and had a terrible headache. My bed sheets had blood and I could not let anyone see them. When everyone had gone out Thomas* quickly returned and assisted me in washing my bed linen.  

After one week Thomas* calmly asked for a repeat and I refused. He then started buying me some of my favourite chocolates and I finally gave in to his requests. He would sneak into my room late at night and have unprotected sex with me. I then fell pregnant and my aunt was the first to notice some changes in me. I was asked if I was having sexual intercourse with anyone and I emphatically denied. She confronted my mother who professed her ignorance. I was taken to a medical doctor who disclosed that I was no longer a virgin and added that I was two months pregnant.  

My mother was shocked for she did not know how to break the news to my father who was a short tempered. When I revealed the person who was responsible, both my mother and aunt were taken aback. My brother ran away when he knew the cat was already out of the bag. He left a note addressed to our parents apologising for such an unforgivable act. I was taken for some counselling and a decision to terminate the pregnancy was reached. I did not want it to be terminated. I raised some flimsy objections but I realised that no one listened to them. I then ran away and stayed with a distant relative in Bulawayo. When she realised that I was pregnant she called my mother. i overheard her having a dialogue with my mother over the telephone and ran away again. I started staying with friends. I was then reported as a missing person to the police. When my friends knew that I was running away from my parents they clandestinely alerted them where I was.  

We were about to retire to bed when there was a loud knock on the front door. I knew that someone had sold me out. My parents had come with some police officers to take me home. The following morning we visited the hospital. The doctors said that it was then impossible to terminate the pregnancy because it was already its’ fifth month. I am currently with my son who started going to school this year. My irresponsible brother is working in Botswana and regularly sends some money and clothes for his son.