Zimbabwe: The mysterious death of my husband tortured me emotionally

Date: October 10, 2019
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My name is Vee* I got married in December 1980. I lived happily with my husband and God blessed our marriage with four children. My husband was a soldier and we were living a decent life. Unfortunately, my husband’s life was cut short and his death marked the genesis of the challenges that I am facing right now. 

I vividly remember the last Christmas I spent with my husband. We really enjoyed that day not knowing that it was a farewell party. After spending Christmas together at our plot my husband went back to work. I received a message after some days that he was arrested. The circumstances surrounding his arrest were not clear to me because no one gave me a full explanation. My husband later called me and told me that he was coming home and I waited for him with baited breath. 

When he arrived home he explained everything to me (information withheld for security reasons). After some days certain men who claimed to be policemen came and searched our properties. They turned the whole place upside down but no one explained to us what they were looking for. After failing to find anything they took my husband with them. 

I received a message after some days that my husband had committed suicide and his body was found hanging in the toilet. The mysterious death of my husband raised too many unanswered questions. I tried to find answers but the more I tried the more I exposed myself to danger. My husband later came in my dreams and he explained everything that took place and am not at liberty to disclose the information due to fear of victimization.  

The death of my husband affected me emotionally and I vowed to fight until the truth comes to the open. I do not have enough resources to fight this battle and I hope that if I am empowered economically I will be in a better position to fight for the truth.