Zimbabwe: Unhappy about my life

Date: October 10, 2019
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My name is Mapfu* I got married in 2014 and all was well until 2016 when my husband quit his job and our first born was only one month old. The incident stressed me because I did not know how we were going to survive.  

As a young couple we needed our own space so that we start building our future. Joblessness made us to stay at a family house. I was depending on my husband for everything and when he became jobless things turned sour. Before I got married I managed to go to school up to ordinary level and I passed. I got married before I pursued my career because I loved my husband and I wanted to be with him. The decision I took reduced me to a full time house wife who depend on the husband for everything. Unfortunately, our source of livelihood was blocked and I was not empowered to rectify the situation. 

My biggest challenge was how to properly raise our son. We did not have any source of income and we needed food, clothes and all basic needs for a decent living. I was emotionally affected as I watch other women of my age succeeding in life. It really pained me seeing my marriage on the rocks due to hard times while other people around me were doing well. 

Currently I am staying at the family house. My husband is now in school pursuing his career. We depend on part time jobs for survival. I encourage other women to pursue their dreams first and be independent and marry when they build courage and self determination. I got married because I loved my husband but we were all standing on loose ground. 

Life is all about planning and determination. Emotions may kill one’s dreams but I thank God that I am alive and I have the chance to work hard and change my situation.