Zimbabwe: Unhappy in my marriage

Date: October 10, 2019
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My name is Martha* I am a married woman aged 40. I went to school up to tertiary education level. At ordinary level I passed five subjects and I proceeded to do a diploma Religious Studies. I now have four children. 

Currently, I am teaching at a private school and lowly paid. My husband is so abusive both physically and emotionally. He drinks a lot of beer and when he is drunk he assaults me. He is also a womaniser. 

When I married him my parents were against the idea but I was pushed by the love that I had for him and I ignored them. Right now I really feel low and depressed. I am now suffering from high blood pressure and I cannot leave my marriage because of my children. I want my  children to grow up with both parents but I am not happy in my marriage. My husband is working in the government but I am not enjoying life. 

I have plans to open a private school and it is my hope that this programme will help me to achieve my dream. I have vast knowledge and experience in the education sector an I only want basic business management skills and the capital to start my project.