Mauritius – “There is the need for a critical mass of women to change the status quo, in politics and in other roles.” Soonita Kistamah

“Providing the opportunity for women to participate effectively in politics should neither be seen as a favour on women nor simply a result of laws or quotas.” Soonita Kistamah has […]

Mauritius – “Women should remain determined; there is the space for them in politics.” Sandra Mayotte

“Nowadays, children receive very empowering messages on the status, role and potentiality of women.” Sandra Marie Monia Mayotte is a member of the National Assembly and a member of the […]

Mauritius – “Sustainable development will not be attained without gender equality.” Joanna Berenger

“Engaging oneself in politics should be selfless and aimed at creating positive changes at the personal, community and country level rather than done for personal interests.” Joanna Berenger has a […]

Mauritius – “An increased representation of women in politics should not be pursued with the mere aim of a ‘politics of numbers’, but rather a ‘politics of ideas’ for greater social and gender justice.” Sheila Bunwaree

“Until and unless poverty and inequality are addressed, stability and social cohesion will be under threat. There can be no peace without justice” Dr Sheila Bunwaree’s initial encounter with Gender […]

GL hosts Women’s Political Participation academy

GL hosts Women’s Political Participation academy

Gender Links is hosting a week long  Women’s Political Participation (WPP) Academy in Maun, Botswana from 8-12 May. The academy aims at enhancing the inclusion and effective participation of women […]

Shaping a future of Rights through press freedom

Shaping a future of Rights through press freedom

World Press Freedom Day was celebrated on 3 May 2023.  This year is the 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day and is  being observed under the theme “Shaping a […]

SADC: Activists set to break the silence on SRHR

SADC: Activists set to break the silence on SRHR

Johannesburg, 27 April 2023: Grantees of the Voice & Choice Southern Africa Fund – Gender Links ended an intensive six day online training course with dazzling presentations on campaigns across […]

April 27, 2023 Themes: GBV | Gender based violence | HIV/AIDS Programs: Gender Justice

Mauritius: Learning about stability

“In 10 years’ time, I still see myself working in the field of gardening and landscaping but also running my own business on the side.” My name is Estelle and […]

April 13, 2023 Themes: Emotional violence | Young Women Programs: Advocacy | Gender Justice

Mauritius: Building resilience after years of abuse

“I want to learn how to love myself, give myself more value, and put myself first.” My name is Esha and I am 36 years old. I am a mother […]

Mauritius: Learning to become independent

“After that violent incident, I asserted that I no longer wanted to stay in my comfort zone or depend on my husband.” My name is Rosaline and I am 21 […]

April 13, 2023 Themes: Intimate partner violence | Young Women Programs: Gender Justice