Learning Journey: Set your mark high

Learning Journey: Set your mark high

Date: March 25, 2020
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“Remember that you will never reach a higher standard than you yourself set. Then set your mark high, and step by step, even though it be by painful effort, by self-denial and sacrifice, ascend the whole length of the ladder of progress.” Ellen G White

Learning is an essential habit, one that helped me swim through the various streams of life. Nobody is infallible; we all tend to make mistakes in our lives. The good thing about it is that I get to learn from all such experiences and thus end up developing.

Quite often I have to face uphill circumstances, when persistence and determination is the need of the hour. Even though I might not always end up on the brighter side of things. However, the learning that I get stays with me throughout my life. Such lifetime lessons can be termed as a ‘lifelong learning’. Lifelong learning is rare yet crucial in shaping one’s outlook towards life. Every event in my life has a lesson attached to it.

“Following the interviews for Finance and Administration Officer, I would like to notify you that you have been successfully selected for the post.” This was the statement that marked my journey with Gender Links in July 2018.

I work as a Finance officer in Zimbabwe office. As a finance person my responsibilities are to handle all the country office finances, donor report, budgets formulations, donor budget track, processing payments and capture in pastel system among other duties

Picking up from my predecessor was not an easy task as a great pace had been set. My main task was either to maintain or to exceed the mark that had been set.

My first GL donor audit was not that pleasing as I had made a mistake of spending EU funds in advance creating a shortfall in GLZ bank account. With this lifelong learning in my journey, I set a higher standard and made it upon myself to learn with patience all the organizational tools and systems.

The trainings that I went through with Gender Links assisted me in this journey and improved my financial skills and abilities. Gender Links helped me discover myself, my abilities and most excitingly some that I did not even know about myself.  As each day passes by, this motivates me and make me look forward to my desk day in day out. I feel like there is no other place I need to be than the office.

My gratitude goes to Zimbabwe office team in particular our country manager Priscilla Maposa for the patience and mentoring skills despite having her own demanding deliverables as a manager. Through her encouragement I am getting into my second year in University. I also owe thanks to GL Director of Operations, Bhekiwe Ncube, for taking me through the organisational systems and for giving me some ‘difficult’ tasks, he would often say “explore the task Juliet.”

Juliet Rusawu, Zimbabwe Finance and Administration Officer

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