Botswana: Voters’ comments on 5050

Botswana: Voters’ comments on 5050

Date: November 4, 2014
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Gaborone, 31 October: When Botswana went to the polls a week ago, GL correspondents spoke to voters about the participation and representation of women in politics. Most expressed disappointment and disillusionment with the First Past the Post system, the low number of female political candidates and the reality that the country is a far cry from achieving gender parity in government.

According to the 2014 SADC Gender Protocol Barometer, Botswana together with the DRC, currently have the lowest representation of women in parliament in the Southern African region at a mere 10%. Currently there are only 14% women in cabinet and 19% in local government.

Calculations in Barometer reflect the global reality that women’s political representation is highest in Proportional Representation (PR) electoral systems (38% in parliament and 37% in local government) and in countries with quotas (38% in parliament and 37% in local government).

Only time will tell whether or not the representation of women will improve or worsen.

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