Call for WVL Rapid Response Applications

Call for WVL Rapid Response Applications

Date: October 26, 2021
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Women’s Rights Organisations (WROs) in South Africa piloting innovative approaches and responding to emerging issues on women’s rights and gender equality are invited to apply for the Women Voice and Leadership South Africa Fund (WVL SA) Rapid Response grants. This funding window is open on a rolling basis from 18 October to 19 November 2021 when we will pause to assess before reopening the portal in 2022.

Applications may be submitted at any time during that period but no later than 19 November 2021 when the portal will close.

The minimum amount available for Rapid Response Grants is R70,000 and the maximum amount is R100,000. These grants are available for a period of four to six months.

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7 thoughts on “Call for WVL Rapid Response Applications”

Nosintu Kwepile says:

We are an Organization for people living with Disabilities in Nqamakwe Eastern Cape, registered NPO,but our bank account has been closed due to insufficient fund.Can we ask another Organization to apply on our behalf?

Idirashe Dongo says:

We are a group of women who are training on Biogas Construction and use as we try to adopt to Climate Change.

We see also doing horticulture , feeding our plants with only Organic Manure to avoid killing the soils with chemical feeds. Which shall give ya organic products.. more healthier to the body. Malnurishment will be a thing of the past. Revenue income to the villagers. Poverty is abolished.

Biogas shall help women to have more time to attend to other home chores, business and leadership roles. The rate at which trees are cut down for firewood shall decrease.

Women's Voice and Leadership says:

Good day Nosintu. Yes you may ask another organisation to be your fund holder.

Women's Voice and Leadership says:

Good day Idirashe Dongo

Please check eligibility on the WVL website


Want to apply for the grant


Need to apply for this grant


Will figth for gender based violence against women and children

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