DRC: 2019 SADC Protocol@Work Summit

DRC: 2019 SADC Protocol@Work Summit

Date: August 2, 2019
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#VoiceandChoice Summits 2019

Local Action for a strong 2030 A-gender in Southern Africa!



DATE: 18, 19 July 2019

Executive summary

Democratic Republic of Congo – held the 2019 #Voice and Choice Protocol @ Work Summit and Awards at Africana Palace, Kinshasa. The Summit which was hosted by the SADC Protocol Alliance implementation partner was graciously opened by Gender, Child and Family Minister, Mrs Chantal Safou Lopusa. The Summit was attended by over 98 participants with a total of over 75 entries in the four thematic categories; SRHR Action, SRHR Youth Award, Media and Driver of Change award.



·         18 – 19 July 2019

·         99 participants – 71 women, 28 men

·         20 participants under 30

·         24 CSOs represented

·         6 of FBOs represented

·         57 summit entries (42 women, 15 men)

·         6 women and 1 man winners

·         3 men and 4 women runner ups

·         13 media mentions

·         23 social media posts, 329 likes Facebook, 26 likes Tw, 2 retweets


Quote from a speaker/participant/judge


It was held from 18 to 19 July 2019 the SADC Gender Protocol Summit under the theme of “VoiceandChoice” at Africana Palace Hotel in Kinshasa, DRC. 98 people took part in the summit which was opened and closed by the Gender, Child and Family Minister, Mrs Chantal Safou Lopusa. More than 50 entries including 20 from provinces were received in seven different themes.

Summit process

Ucofem launched the reception of the entries for the participation in the summit on June. Two posters and one video were produced to mobilize people. As the country’s context is marked by the arrival of the new head of state, since January 2019, the challenges remain the improvement of the women participation in the management. A new government is still expected, while President Felix Tshisekedi promises to involve more women.

A total of 57 people from the provinces of Kwilu, Kwanga, Kongo Central, Haut Katanga, Nord Kivu, Kasaï Oriental and Kinshasa presented good practices in different themes. More than 25 young people took part in the summit. They came from media houses, universities and youth organizations. They presented their good practices not only in the youth theme, but also in others such as SRHR, climate change, etc.

Partners, sponsors

  • Gender ministry were the key partner
  • Yes, Ucofem raised local sponsorship? 1.920$? From Monusco?


Snapshots of the summit highlights with photos from:

  • Opening remarks: The opening remarks were made by the Executive Director of Ucofem. She fist greeted the various delegations at the summit. She made the history of the summit in DRC. It was in 2013 that DRC organize its first national summit. More than 100 actors were mobilized. The peculiarity of this summit is that it is organized after the first SADC Protocol goal in 2015. Particular emphasis has been placed on sexual and reproductive health. The journalists and field organizations also addressed good practices in SRHR, so more than half of the participants addressing this theme.
  • Keynote addresses: The Gender Minister, Mrs Safou Lupusa opened and closed the summit. The Ministry of Gender supported the organization of the summit. One judge came from the Ministry. In her address, the minister recalled the DRC’s commitment to the implementation of the SADC Gender Protocol. She praised the efforts of grassroots actors to achieve the goals.
  • Plenary sessions – Summit launch, #VoiceandChoice and 50/50 plenaries: The #VoiceandChoice and 50/50 session was facilited by two members of the SADC Gender Protocol Alliance: Mrs Beatrice Makaya from ISP Gombe and Christine Nyembo Feza from Congolese News Agency. They spoke about the advances made in their institutions in taking gender into account. Their addresses were completed by the National Focal Point who spoke about activities carried out as part of #VoiceandChoice. These were stakeholder meetings on the topic of SRHR; sensitization in schools, churches and through the media. Two sub-themes were discussed: child marriage and teenage pregnancy.
  • Judges’ comments: Esperance Bayedila: I am pround of the work done. Once again I learned a lot while doing the jury work. Esther Kamwanya (from de Gender Ministry): We need to strengthen what is being done at the SADC Gender Protocol Summit. The government can be more involved for more impact. .
  • Support from donors: Monusco
  • Support from government: One judge came from the Ministry



  • As a flagship sexual reproductive health and rights SRHR summit the SRHR category winner was Mrs Betty Nzala who gleaned the 1st prize followed by Dieu Merci Ngongo.
  • In the Action and Youth Award category, Ruth Ngwanza was awarded the first prize followed by Christelle Mpongo of Femme d’Afrique Magazine.
  • The governance category had impressive entries, Ms Caroline Kikula won the first prize followed by Pindi Godefroid.
  • While the SRHR Justice saw Ms Angèle Mabiala return home with the first prize ahead of runner up Ms Sylvie Manda of Haut Katanga.
  • With the enormous climate change issues in DRC, the Climate Change award went to Jonathan and Geneviève Kumba, respectively in 1st and 2nd


Winners and Runner Ups

Category and Name Entries
1.    Betty Nzayambela Winner
2.    Dieu Merci Ngomo Runner up
1.    Jeanne Kabuo Winner
2.    Serge Ndongo Runner up
1.    Ruth Ngwanza Winner
2.    Christelle Mpongo Runner up
1.    Caroline Kikulakamba Winner
2.    Godefroid  Pindi Runner up
Justice economic
1.    Angèle Mabiala Winner
2.    Sylvie  Manda Runner up
Climate change
1.    Jonathan Tshisungu Winner
2.    Géneviève  Kumba Runner up
1.    Concilie Kalombo Winner
2.    Elysée Mafu Runner up



There was media coverage on Facebook as well as newspaper articles by journalists covering the summit.

 DRC summit was covered by many media: television, radio, print and online media.

Below are some links to the articles:

Other social media coverage during the summit can be accessed here;

Table with total entries disaggregated by sex;

  SRHR Youth Governance Economic justice Climate change GBV Media Total
  F M T M F T F M T F M T F M T F M T F M T F M T
Entries 2 2 4 4 3 8 7 1 8 2 0 2 2 1 3 3 1 4 19 7 26 38 19 57
Awards 1 1 2 0 2 2 1 1 2 2 0 2 1 1 2 1 1 2 2 0 2 2 0 2




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