DRC: Political parties urged to ensure parity on lists.

DRC: Political parties urged to ensure parity on lists.

Date: July 27, 2023
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By Christelle Mpongo

Kinshasa, 27 July: The Democratic Republic of Congo is currently experiencing its fourth electoral cycle. This is the cycle that will contain the first elections organized after the first alternation obtained between an outgoing president and an incoming president. On this basis, these elections are therefore of a special nature. A number of challenges also await to be addressed in this fourth cycle. These challenges include the implementation of gender equality in particular and the massive representation of women in upcoming elections as both candidates and voters.

To achieve this, the parliament of the Democratic Republic of Congo has adopted in the new electoral law, some additions considered crucial by many to increase the effective participation rate of women in the electoral process. In article 13 of this new electoral law, the Congolese legislator exempts from any guarantee the grouping or political party that presents an electoral list with a number of women candidates greater than or equal to that of men.

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Christelle Mpongo is the Chief Editor and Founder of Magazine Femme dÁfrique.  The article was first published in  Magazine Femme dÁfrique following media training on Women s Political Participation supported by International IDEA under the Enhancing Women’s Political Participation project.

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