Learning Journey: Learning by doing is linked to doing with heart and love.

Date: May 31, 2016
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“Meanwhile these three remain: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love.”

 RaulOrganizing the national summit without knowing what it really meant, as well the dimension of the event, was almost impossible – but after the summit, receiving compliments from HQ congratulating me on the wonderful event, was quite amazing

I am the finance and programme officer and just the title of my position shows that I am in different segments of the organisation. It seems in the end that my deliverables start from the functioning of the organisation and go as far as field activities.

As 2015 was my first year fully involved with field activities, I can tell of many mistakes I made; but it was those that make me stand and believe that it is possible to have a world where all people, women and men, children and young people, adults and old people have rights, the opportunity to be heard and treated with justice.

My involvement in the FLOW review meant the entrepreneurship programme brought me a different way of seeing the programme. I realised that poverty creates miserable lives and this is because of a lack of love, when all of us wake up and start loving each other we will see the beauty of nature.

My colleagues, especially my manager who has entrusted me with responsibility and is confident that I have potential, gave me a great opportunity professionally to do both governance work and entrepreneurship work. I myself feel that I have the potential to listen and encourage other, more positive attitudes in women. I will continue to work in such a way as to help others, especially those whose rights are not respected.

Being a part of the GL family just gives me so many opportunities to learn so many different things at the same time, as we are challenged to be a little bit of everything in our small area of functioning. I learned a lot about the monitoring and evaluation tools that GL prioritises, sometimes the staff feel that are so many things, but in the end it is a great way of documenting and when we have feedback it is a great joy to see the results of our work.

As GL works with the community, I would like to suggest a survey among the community on the attitudes form – the questions may need to be cut down. As a part of the GL family, I would like to have more understanding of the different management systems that the organisation uses, as well as to continue doing my daily work to contribute to the achievement of Gender Links’ mission.

Written by Raul Manhisse, Programme and finance officer, Gender Links, Mozambique