Learning journey: Let go of things you can’t change, focus on the things you can

Date: May 8, 2016
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“You change your life by changing your heart” Max Lucado

Aa -shamisot the beginning of 2016 several things were uncertain and to some extent wearisome. As one who joined Gender Links in 2012 and interacted and enjoyed working with several interesting colleagues the changes in 2016 took some adjustment amidst moments of sadness.

I have learnt many things while part of GL Services, such as stimulating field research in a very vital and yet mostly ignored aspect of society, that of deaf blind children. That research period was the highlight of my life. I learnt to be grateful for the basic and mundane abilities that I possess. For several are not as blessed, simply getting breakfast and getting dressed can pose a challenge for a deaf blind person as they would need assistance with the very basic aspects of life. With the changes in the organisation in 2016, I have kept reminding myself to give thanks daily and to walk with that attitude.

Working in the CEOs Office has been an experience and a half. This is the second year now, dating back to October 2014. I have learnt to work across all the programme departments as well as gaining a lot of skills and experience. This has meant my role has been difficult to describe and has been redefined several times. Mme Colleen is an invaluable boss, one learns to work quickly, when it is serious hard work and when playing hard, it is indeed wellness. Several deliverables by COB that make ones day and life interesting. I have become confident in my area of expertise and possess institutional knowledge that has provided me with an ease when working on the P-drive and with interns and the like.

This year we prepare for GL @ 15 celebrations which is indeed a lot to celebrate and about which to be thankful.

The CEOs Office team have been incredible and I was sad to see Mukayi go as she was in some ways the glue that kept things together in the unit. While Mme Colleen is the intellect and driver behind the team…I effortlessly found my place as the feet that run with implementation and of course the fun factor in the team. This year 2016 we are joined by Thando Dlamini, who is a great audio visual guy and IT expert as well as a brilliant photographer… he too will find his feet.

The learning journey at GL continues to be one that grows a person to be better than they have ever been and to continue to strive for excellence in all one does.

Shamiso F V Chigorimbo, Executive Assistant, GL Services Researcher