“How not to lose money”

“How not to lose money”

Date: December 13, 2017
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By Didier Marcel and Nesha Ramen

Mauritius 13 December 2017: The Mauritian Chapter of the SADC Protocol Alliance Network, Mauritius Media Watch Organisation embarked on the first series of courses for Women Entrepreneur.

The aim of the courses is to help women especially those who are at the margins of society to know how to keep their accounting books and to have a basic knowledge about Microsoft excel.

Participants of the courses were mainly women who have been trained by Gender Links on Entrepreneurship Skills and are now running their own small enterprises.

Without a good understanding of accounting skills profits can soon become losses. With this in mind the project was put on the Agenda of an Extraordinary meeting of MWO held in April 2017. All members unanimously agreed that there was an urgent need to train women on Accountancy and Information Technology (IT). Four MWO members who are professionals in Accountancy and IT agreed to give the courses on pro bono. They developed an adequate training manual by taking into consideration the background and knowledge level of the women. Saskia delivered the Accountancy course and Nesha, Azegen and Didier covered the Excel training.

The first training started on Saturday, 13th May 2017 with 20 participants. The courses were held during three consecutive half days on Saturday. The facilitators gave the training free of charge with commitment and dedication. MWO offered transport facilities and catering while Gender Links kindly offered its training room at Gender Links location.

Participants at work

The participants who came from different regions of Mauritius had nothing but praise for this ground breaking course which was done in their mother tongue.

Lalldew Mantee one of the participant found “the courses were very instructive and helpful” and added that she will put into practice what she has learned. She also mentioned that she will now apply the accounting principles to keep her records and used Microsoft excel to keep the records in proper format. She said that she will also impart the knowledge received to other women in her region.

Participants and facilitators agreed that the courses should be on a longer period to be able to grasp the technicalities of accounting and IT better. Participants had to work and do their homework from the training manual which became their property meaning that they can go through them from time to time and making sure “how not to lose money”.

All participants received a certificate of attendance after full completion of the three weeks. They were so happy that some of them said that they will frame the certificate and hand on the wall in their house.

The facilitators said if that they are prepared to do the courses again having understood the importance of these courses for these women. The facilitators are also prepared to do the courses at a higher level to the first batch of participants.

Souvenir pictures: Participants receiving certificate & group photo

List of participants: Kurrun Prithee, Gujoo Shanta, Bolaram Cygrid, Bhowany Amrita, Bhonoo Chankoumari, Jasmin Ketty, Dulaurens Gabrielle, Labonté Maryion, Acharuz Amita, Lalldew Mantee, Célestin Veronique, Célestin Ornella, Balloo Doorga Devi, Ladouceur Christina, Harel Julie, Moura Mireille, Carcasse Marie Dorothy, Sooprayen Marie Lise Mélissa

Name of facilitators: Saskia Virahsawmy Naidoo, Nesha Ramen, Azegen Mootoocurpen & Didier Marcel





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