SA condom distribution in schools causes stir

SA condom distribution in schools causes stir

Date: June 27, 2017
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By Petronell Ngonyama

Johannesburg, 22 June 2017: The new government policy on condom distribution in schools has been received differently by certain sections of society.  The policy comes as a measure to curb the spread of HIV and AIDS as well as pregnancy amongst the youth.

Speaking to Gender Links during an event hosted by Midvaal Municipal Council, one of the councils working with GL through the Centres of Excellence in local government, some parents and students concurred that they do not feel comfortable with this move. They believe the new policy gives young people the right to engage in sexual relationships at a tender age.

The provision of free condoms seems to override the need for sanitary pads to keep disadvantaged girls in school. Engaging in sexual activity is a choice but the menstrual cycle is a natural process for all women. Provision of sanitary pads should also be regarded as a basic need that the government must prioritise, as menstrual health is also important to young women. Click here to a watch video on how the policy has been received.




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