Three Years of the GL Mauritius Safe Haven

Three Years of the GL Mauritius Safe Haven

Date: October 15, 2020
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Port Louis, 15 October: Since its inception in September 2017, Gender Links Safe Haven Halfway Home (SHHH) has been a refuge for 69 residents coming from different socio-economic backgrounds and having known numerous types of violence throughout their lifetime (including physical, sexual, emotional and economical). Because each experience is different, it is our duty to try to make sense of how those traumas shaped them in order to provide them with a chance at a better future.

At SHHH, we welcome young women from the age of 18, who have endured traumatic past experiences, and yet are resolute to change and finally be the main actress of their new found story.

As an ongoing service-based, non-for-profit organization we are here to provide our services to the homeless, the abused young girls, the numerous women victims of domestic violence, the teenage mothers and their children.

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