Youth Day Celebration at New Hope Secondary School

Youth Day Celebration at New Hope Secondary School

Date: June 27, 2017
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Youth Day Celebration at New Hope Secondary School

By Tshwaresa Malatji

Johannesburg, 21 June 2017: Alcohol and drug abuse is fast becoming a serious problem in South Africa. According to Christian Drug Support, “drug Abuse remains a growing problem in South Africa with 7.06% of our population abusing drugs, number of patients younger than 20 years being admitted to treatment centres across the country in 2014”. As part of their Youth Month celebrations, New Hope Secondary School learners performed a drama on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Gender Based Violence (GBV) and HIV/AIDS.

The main aim was to create awareness on GBV, HIV and on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, amongst young people.

The abuse of alcohol and drugs is threatening to destroy many families. Substance abuse is often associated with suicide and violence. Some parents live in fear of their children who bully them and neighbors, due to drug and alcohol abuse. Some women in Midvaal said their intimate partners are also abusing them; however, some women said they were afraid to speak out even when they were harassed in public spaces.

The drama performed by young students from New Hope Secondary School brought to light issues of GBV, HIV/AIDS, and alcohol and drug abuse. The community thanked the Midvaal Local Municipality for hosting the event for them.

These Youth Day activities formed part of Midvaal Local Municipality Centres of Excellence (COE)   with GL. Click here to watch the video.


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Rev. Marreece Dean says:

It’s really ignorant when you raise a child and the child becomes the parents over you? Read Ephesians chapter 6:1-3!!! They refuse to honor you–their lives is but a short distance!!! PRAY FOR THEM and TEACH THEM!!!

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