Launch of 2022 Voice and Choice Barometer

Date: July 1, 2022
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17 thoughts on “Launch of 2022 Voice and Choice Barometer”


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Khensani says:

Thank for the invitation

lucky says:

looking foward to the launch and want to learn

Nyasha Shoriwa says:

It’s high time we as women’s Rights activists came together again to map a sustainable way forward post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nametso says:

You dont have to be muscluline in order to be heard,women have strong voices

Nametso says:

Stregth of a woman

Chingasiyeni Govhati says:

Congratulations. Looking forward to how the Barometer will change the face of access to justice, SRHR services and the observance of girls and women’s rights in Southern Africa!

Elibarick Simon Mpanda says:

Looking Learning more from you.

Nancy Mbaura says:

I am going to attend the launch of the barometer; it is an honor to be on that day.

Cingisisa Ngemntu-Sonjani says:

Great step forward. Women’s agenda to streamline to grass roots level. Day by day, home by home , street by street and community to community 💔❤️‍🩹

Getrude says:

The voices of rural women, who are directly affected by partriacal and traditional tendencies needs to be strengthened. While covid caused a global trauma mostly affecting women, tge rural women are mostly neglected as most institutions are accessible in urban areas.

Getrude says:

Ratifying and contextualising laws and protocols is vitally important, but we need to go a step further and follow up on implementation and practicalising the same.

Nkosimntu says:

I just want to find out will be only one day?

Cleeve .k.nyikayaramba says:

The lauching of 2022 voice and barometer made me a strong woman and i have gathered all the powers ,iam strengthened i now know what it means to be a woman and i choose to carry outreaches demonstrating women powers in the comunities.helping other women to raise their voices until every men understands the importance of women

Agostao says:

I agree with this point.

Dorothy says:

Can’t wait to learn new things and spread them to others

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