16 Days of Activism 2009

Sexual harassment – 30 November 2009

Sexual harassmentTime: 10h00 to 14h00Venue: The City of Joburg Offices, 158 Loveday St, Reception block A, Johannesburg. Please see the fact sheet or read more on the 16 days campaign […]

South Africa: Back prevention, NGOs say as Sixteen Day campaign kicks off

They noted with concern that the South African Police Services still does not have a distinct category on domestic violence, making it impossible to monitor this key area effectively.

Halve gender violence by 2015: Score a goal for gender equality

25 November:Gender Links has urged Southern African governments to put prevention at the centre of national action plans to end gender violence during the Sixteen Days of Activism on Gender Violence that gets underway today.

Using my body for freedom

“intoni ingxaki?À That is what the taxi driver said to me after he had repeatedly spoken to me in Xhosa since I had first hopped into the taxi. I usually just ignore them. I say where I am going, give them the correct change and keep quiet. But this time, there was no chance of that happening.

Sexual harassment is a crime

Cases of sexual harassment, at for instance a workplace, usually boil down to “he says, she says.À Yet the biggest challenge with sexual harassment is not just proving that it happens, but that more often than not it is quite subtle. During 16 Days of Activism, we need to recognise that gender violence and abuse come in many forms.

Men critical to fight against gender violence

It has become all too common that every newspaper edition carries at least one carry a story on domestic violence or rape. Efforts to engage men as partners in the prevention and response to gender-based violence (GBV) are critical to achieving positive results. This 16 Days of Activism, men across the region will lend their support for ending violence

Not all rape survivors are women

It’s not only women who suffer sexual abuse at the hands of psychos. I am 23, I have survived to tell the tale and I’m working furiously to help others.

Women should exercise social networking caution

As the region’s technological capacity grows, a new kind of gender violence is emerging in Southern Africa. In this new media age, the information super highway has become a tool for social networking and the world has become a global village where people of different walks of life are meeting. However, women in countries like Malawi are quickly recognising technology, such as the internet, as both a potential asset and a threat.

At the click of a mouse: GBV and the internet: 27 Nov 2009

At the click of a mouse: GBV and the internetTime: 10h00 to 14h00Date: 27 November 2009Venue: The City of Joburg Offices, 158 Loveday St, Reception block A, Johannesburg Please see […]

Speaking out can set you free

What do you think of when you see a butterfly? Beautiful colours! Freedom after the struggle to break out of a cocoon! The sky is the limit! Reaching up; reaching out!