Annual Report

Women and girls empowerment-Projcet- WOGE (2012-2015): Final report

The goal of the WOGE project was to contribute to poverty reduction by strengthening women’s and girls voices for economic self reliance in the East Africa region particularly in Uganda, […]

Summit Foundation: Financial regulations and management manual

The financial management and regulations manual is the main framework and key guiding regulations, policies and procedures that Summit Foundation shall use in setting, recording, reviewing, controlling and evaluating all […]

September 2, 2016 Themes: Economics Programs: Annual Report | Gender & Governance

Acfode- Annual report 2010

25 years of promoting gender equality and women  empowerment. To increase women’s effective involvement in politics and decision making through building the leadership capacity of potential female leaders at all […]

August 31, 2016 Themes: Gender equality Programs: Annual Report

Hurinet-U Annual Report 2011

Hurinet-U pursues its mission mainly through three programmes. Within these programmes are various objectives which in  turn are also achieved under the wide range of projects under taken. The report […]

August 31, 2016 Themes: Human Rights Programs: Annual Report

Forum for women in democracy Annual Report 2012

A just and fair society where women and men equally participate in and benefit from decision making process. To promote gender equality in all areas of decision making through advocacy, […]

August 31, 2016 Themes: Gender equality | Governance Programs: Annual Report

Sense International Review 2013/2014

Live, learn, thrive ….Too many deafblind newborns across the world go unrecognised and don’t get the specialist support they need, often leaving them in extreme isolation even within their families and communities. For deafblind children, these early months are a vital chance to develop any small sense of hearing or sight they may have.

Sense International’s mission is to find the children that need help as early as possible, and give them the best chance to learn to communicate, overcome isolation and thrive.

Gender Links Annual Report 2014

2014 witnessed GL revving up on many fronts. Programmatically GL
stayed ahead of the game with cutting edge work on the post-2015 agenda.
Five elections in the region kept us on our toes, as we used this oppor-
tunity to press the cause for greater voice, choice and control for women. Our complement of full time staff and interns grew. We ran our first 15 district level summits, leading to 13 national summits and a regional summit attended by over 400 women and men in Johannesburg.

GL reached over 22,453 direct beneficiaries – 50% higher than the previous years. The 380 councils we work in cover a population of approximately one
quarter of the people in ten SADC countries. Our media work, in 13 SADC countries, including eight public broadcasters, gives us tremendous reach.
GL’s own news service continues to provide “fresh views on every day newsÀ
and to project our voices on many stages, including through new media. With
41% of our budget spent on regional activities and the rest spent in various ways in all SADC countries,
GL can claim to be “proudly SADC.À These are remarkable achievements for an organisation that began fifteen years ago on a wing and a prayer.

Department of Politics and International Relations 2014 Annual Report

The annual report includes the departmental vision and conferences attended.

Working towards violence free societies: 2014 Annual Report

The Garden of Hope’s services and campaigns continued to expand in 2014, bringing comfort and hope to vulnerable women and girls. The programmes include Garden of Hope in Cape Town, South Africa since 2012 and the translation of a child protection manual into English and Xhosa to help local children.

Abridged Annual Report 2014

Allan Gray unit trusts abridged annual report containing fund data.