Access to finance for women entrepreneurs in South Africa

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Glass Ceilings: Women and Men in Southern Africa Media – Mauritius

The ‘Glass Ceilings: Women and Men in Southern African Media – Mauritius’ study is the most comprehensive audit ever undertaken of women and men in Southern African media houses particularly in Mauritius. Spanning 14 countries over a year starting in July 2008, Gender Links (GL) conducted the study in partnership with a network of researchers, gender and media activists and partners in the Gender and Media Southern Africa (GEMSA) network as well as the Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC).

The research covered nine media houses (as opposed to newsrooms) in Mauritius with a total of 1190 employees. Researchers conducted in – depth case studies of two media houses and interviewed four journalists/ editors/ senior managers for their perspectives on the results. a futher 31 senior staff responded to perception questionnaires.

The report should be read in tandem with the regional report on the Glass Ceilings findings in each country and has been produced and can be accessed here.

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A walk to some place

Journalist, author, media and publishing consultant, Ethel Manyaka dropped her law studies to pursue a career in communication, public relations and marketing. She has worked for both electronic and print […]

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A Simplified Version of the Civil Procedure As Contained in Chapter 21 of the Laws of Kenya

The self-representation manual is a simplified Civil Procedure Code to help women and the general public to understand how to deal with simple legal issues. It is hoped that these […]

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A People’s Government. The people’s voice

“In adopting our new constitution, we began the process of establishing a vibrant and responsive democracy in South Africa. This book contributes to that process by analysing the role members […]

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A Journey of Courage: Kenyan Women’s Experiences of the 2002 General Elections

A journey of Courage is a story of Kenyan women on the road to a political destination. Their determination to pass the rocky path and swim the murky waters into […]

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A Compilation of Research Papers of the EASSI Internship Programme (2000-2004)

This book contains a collection of papers which include; violence against women in rwanda, Women and peacebuilding in Africa, Gender based violence: A case study of domestic violence. Feminism in […]

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A celebration of 75 years of working for peace and international friendship

The International People’s College celbrated its 75th anniversaty in 1996. Peter Manniche founded the college in 1921 to promote peace between members of countries who had been former enemies and […]

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@t Ease with e-mail:A handbook on using electronic mail for NGO’s in developing countries

Computer-based communications through electronic mail (e-mail), bulletin board systems, computer conferencing and networking and on-line databases offer NGOs, particularly in developing countries, a modern, effective and affordable communications toolkit with […]

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50 Years of Journalism: African media since Ghana’s independence

A working meeting of the AU leadership Taef and the Network of African Freedom of Expression Organisations (Nafeo) was held in Addis Ababa in february 2007. At this meeting, TAEF’s […]

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