Republic of Namibia: Central statistics office national planning commission Windhoek

This booklet is the first of its kind to make an attempt to present some facts and figures about women and men of Namibia. Data were not available to cover […]

September 12, 2016 Themes: Gender equality | Governance Programs: Booklet | Gender & Governance

A summary of the combating of rape Act

A new law on rape called the combating of rape Act came on force in Namibia in June 2000. This law is one of the most progressive laws on rape […]

Gender mainstreaming in the United Nations

Good practices in gender mainstreaming in the context of the UN. As the terms of these volunteers are limited, we want their work to enhance the increased capacity within the […]

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MP’s Orientation handbook

A comprehensive, effective and sustainable regional integration and prosperity, based on the democratic governance, freedom, gender equity and equality in the SADC region; and to bring about a united SADC […]

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Gender Based Violence: Assessment of GBV in Lamwo and Pader Districts

Uganda women’s network is an advocacy and lobbying network of national women’s NGO’s and individuals, operating in Uganda.

Agenda: empowering women for gender equity: translating commitment into policy and practice?

This monograph consists of three case studies which indicate the translation of commitment into policy and practice and asks how successfully gender activists have intervened in policy during the first years of democracy in South Africa. There is a report on energy which looks at gender and policy in the energy sector. The case report on health examines the mainstreaming of gender equality in health policy and there is also a case study on the constraints to land reform and gender equity goals by Shamim Meer.

The local Government Handbook South Africa 2012

The Local Government Handbook provides a complete, yet concise overview of all municipalities and aims to provide a clear understanding of each municipality and its place in South Africa, as well as a directory of the important office bearers in each municipality. The type of information in this handbook changes rapidly. The information in this handbook was supplied by municipalities in a survey conducted between July and October 2011. This second edition has additional information, mainly dealing with economic data.

Gendering the agenda: A guide to gender planning

This guide covers gender and what it means and contains guiding factors for a conceptual framework for gender equality. A methodology for assessing the needs of women in development projects is included with gender planning tools and a framework for a plan of action on gender and development.

The Commonwealth Plan of Action for Youth Empowerment 2007 – 2015

CYP works to engage young people to enhance their contribution to development.We do this with partnership with young people, governments and other key stakeholders.CYP advocates the effective participation of young […]

January 20, 2016 Themes: Gender equality | Human Rights | Xenophobia Programs: Booklet

Advancing Gender Equality

This report outlines actions the World Bank has taken to integrate gender equality into its work since the Beijing Conference in 1995. The emphasis on gender in the areas of education, health and microfinance has increased since Beijing. The World Bank has recognised the need to continue integrating gender issues into its lending activities. Participation of women’s groups in policy reform has increased. The policy research report on gender and Development is annexed.