The State of Civil Society Report 2014: Reimagining Global Governance

The report draws on contributions from more than 30 of the world’s leading experts on civil society as well as on inputs from our members, partners, supporters and others in the global CIVICUS alliance. The varied contributions highlight changing global political dynamics, an emerging disillusionment with global frameworks of governance and a fundamental lack of accountability within international decision-making.
The report also contains the findings of a pilot project, based on research conducted with more than 450 Civil Society Organisations, which assesses how well intergovernmental organisations engage civil society.

National gender communication strategy 2010 – 2015

The Gender in Development Division (GIDD) of the cabinet office has developed a national communication strategy the goal of which is to reduce gender imbalances at all levels of socio economic and political development in Zambia.

December 15, 2015 Themes: Gender equality | Media Programs: Booklet | Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC)

Grassroots Innovation: Community development workers in action

This booklet looks at case studies collected from community development workers in nine provinces. Grassroots Innovation illustrates the efforts by community development workers to play an effective role as an early warning mechanism for government. Communities face many challenges and the community development workers work with local partners to facilitate access to services.

December 15, 2015 Themes: Housing | Poverty Programs: Booklet | Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC)

Have you heard me today: the role of the media, editors and journalists in reporting on HIV and AIDS and gender

A summary of the key issues emerging from the discussions during the Southern African Editors Forum consultation on HIV and AIDS and Gender relating to media reporting and HIV and AIDS; the aim being to create a more enabling environment for media reporting by enhancing the understanding of editors on current developments relating to HIV and AIDs and gender in the region.

Tracking justice: the attrition of rape cases through the criminal justice system in Gauteng

An essential exploration of how the criminal justice system processes rape complaints; important because it establishes the measure of justice accorded rape complainants and it also provides insight into how the criminal justice system may be eroded and the ability to deter sexual violence weakened.

Ovuzu trotro driwala alia 2010 – 2016

Equality for all!

December 14, 2015 Programs: Booklet | Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC)

MDG acceleration framework action plan for gender equality and women empowerment in Malawi: A background paper

Malawi has four goals that are off track in the portfolio of eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The government has decided to focus on interventions that would accelerate the achievement of the lagging MDGs with girl child as an entry point.
This paper provides background information for developing an action plan; looks at recent interventions to improve results and identifi8es key gaps and solutions. Malawi lags behind in the ratio of girls to boys in secondary education, the ratio in terms of literacy and the share of women in waged employment in the non-agricultural sector and the seats held by women in parliament.

Namibia: National Policy on HIV/AIDS

December 14, 2015 Themes: Health | HIV/AIDS | Local Government Programs: Booklet

Gender Justice Barometer: Audit of the SADC Declaration on Gender and Development (Addendum on the eradication of violence against women and children

While gender violence is now firmly on the political agenda in Southern Africa, laws, services and resources to address this scourge are patchy and the link between gender violence and HIV/AIDS is not being adequately addressed. Attention to new threats like sex trafficking is growing, but is barely acknowledged in policies and laws.

These are the key findings of a survey of 12 countries conducted by the Gender and Media Southern Africa (GEMSA) Network ahead of Human Rights Day on 10 December 2004 – also the climax of the Sixteen Days of Activism on Sixteen Days of Activism on Gender Violence.

Freedom of the Press 2014: Media freedom hits decade low

Global press freedom fell to its lowest level in more than a decade in 2013. Key reasons for the decline and the global picture are included in this report. There is a section on regional findings and a map of press freedom. The findings are placed in context and global rankings are provided.

December 14, 2015 Themes: Media Programs: Booklet | Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC)