Reflecting Change_TheCitizen_29042015

Reflecting Change_TheCitizen_29042015

Caught in the act rapist beaten and castrated by other man in victims bed – The Voice

A suspected rapist got more than he bargained for when he was beaten to a pulp as he attempted to rape a woman in her house at Mabudutsa ward in Maun.
Gideon Marunga,36 ,had his testicles smashed and his penis pulled and twisted by his victims male friend, who was sharing a bed with her when the rapist struck in the early hours of Monday morning.
The suspect was admitted to Letshoathebe Hospital under police escort where he underwent emergency surgery in an attempt to save his battered manhood.

My Dad begged me for sex

An 18 year old schoolgirls graphic account of sexual abuse at the hands of her father could land the middle-aged man with a heftyprison sentenceif found guilty.In front of a shocked Francistown court last Thursday the girl gave evidence claiming that her 44 year old father,Ketshwenyegile Okaile fondled her breast and private parts in an attempt to have sex with her.
Giving sworn evidence before Francistown principal magistrate Kgololesego Segabo,theyoung girl confidently recounted the events of the night of 26 June 2011 when her father attempted to have sexual intercourse with her.
She told the court that her ordeal first started some days earlier when her father begged to have sex with her.

Herdboy jailed for rape – Midweek Sun

Description : A Tonota man was last Friday sentenced for mandatory ten year jail term for raping a 14 year old girl. Moeti Otsogile ,28, of Maaloso ward at Tonota village had pleaded not guilty to the charge but the court convicted him following a fully contested trial. The herdboy cold not believe his ears when Francistown Chief Magistrate Peggy Madandume announced the verdict that will see him spending the next ten years behind bars. With his mouth wide open and eyes fixed at the Zambian-horn judicial officer, Otsogile took some moments to move out of the dock, shocked at the verdict

“Double tragedy for rape victim”

Rape is one form of gender violence that affects more women than men. This type of violence not only infringes on women and girls’ rights but also exposes them to HIV, a virus that causes Aids. The perpetrators of this form of violence must at all cost face the law and police have a crucial role to play in the justice process. This case study analyses an article in which a girl, 18, who was raped and infected with the virus while she was 15. Shockingly, the police have not yet arrested the rapist despite knowing his whereabouts.

My Silence Left Me Looking Like This

She was living in an abusive relationship. She thought that keeping silent about it would somehow make it go away. She was wrong!

Pastor is bust for another rape

Pastor James Thubakgale of the deliverance Church of Christ was accused for raping a 14-year-old girl and was re-arrested the same day he was released on bail. This was after the parents who live in Flora Park, Polokwane, had opened a case against the pastor for raping their daughter. The parents came forward to report that their daughter was raped by the same pastor between 2009 and 2010.

BDP womens wing donates house-Botswana Daily News

Life will never be the same for Ms Mositi Disang of Serowe after recieving a four roomed house from Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) National Womens Wing over the weekend.
Ms Disang who could not hold tears during the handing over ceremony of the house told BOPA that her dignity was now restored courtesy of BDP Womens Wing..
The sickly 42 year old single mother of seven said said she has been impoverished to a point where she could not afford to put a roof above her head.

Car Company Ltd (Avis Rent-A-Car) Le liquidateur licencie les employés.

Aucune compensation mentionnée dans la lettre de Termination of employment remise a la cinquantaine d’employés.
Jack Bizlall, le négociateur, qui soupçonne la reprise des activités par une autre compagnie, demande au ministère du Travail d’enquêter.
La cinquantaine d’employés de The Car Company Ltd viennent d’être informés que ‘pour des raisons économiques l’entreprise n’a d’autre choix que de mettre fin a leur contrat d’emploi’ et qu’ils travailleront jusqu’au 19 septembre 2011. La majorité d’entre eux ont plus de 20ans de service et ignorent s’ils obtiendront une compensation. Des rumeurs persistantes voudraient qu’une compagnie reprenne les activités de The Car Company Ltd. Jack Bizlall leur négociateur, a écrit au ministère du Travail pour réclamer une enquête.
« I have in may capacity of liquidator of the company, taken stock of the financial situation of the company and I regret to inform you that the company has no alternative but to terminate your employment for economic reasons with effect from 19 September 2011À, ecrit A.Luchumun (FCCA),liquidateur de The Car Company Ltd, dans la lettre adressée aux employés concernes. Ces derniers sont complètement désemparés par cette annonce brutale qui frappe directement leur vie familiale.

Woman fights disability

At first glance, the yard looks deserted but the two roomed house in the plot is filled with a lot of life , an individual so tiny yet larger than life.A presence that is felt when one knocks, the door is slid slightly to signify ther is some one in the house and suddenly, a high pitched and lively voice responds,”Ee” (as in come in).
What becomes disheartening to The Midweek Sun tam that had visited the village of lecheng in the Central District is the small but jolly figure that immediately draws the door to welcome the unexpected visitors. She does with the help of her left leg that has become her lifeline.
Oaitse Nkgaswe is a person of rare character with immense longing for life despite adversriesthat life has presented her with.She has passed the pity stage and instead lives for a purpose, to own a house of her own one day.This desire becomes in every question that she respond to .”I want my own house at my plot .They want me out of here”. (Referring to relatives whom she alleges are pushing her out of her grandmothers plot.)
Infact, this jolly character is well known among neighbours and has become a darling to the village children .she tells The Midweek Sun that some young children visit her every now and then to keep her company and plait her hair ,even though she sadly says generally people are still afraid of her.