The Queen visited an AIDs hospital in Uganda and shook hands with victims Nairobi – Star

News flash (in UK): The Queen visited an Aids Hospital in Uganda and shook hands with victims.

Zapiro Go for it Boss – Sunday times

Go for it boss

Zapiro on Zumas 20th Child

The four Zapiro cartoons examine recent scandals surrounding South African President Jacob Zuma, particularly with regards to Zuma’s fathering a child out of wedlock, and his generally questionable sexual behaviour. The cartoons also reference a statement Zuma made during his 2008 rape case that he knew the woman he allegedly raped was HIV+, but he “took a showerÀ afterwards. The image of the shower head has become a mainstay in Zapiro’s commentary on Zuma.

Happy women’s day-Sowetan

Happy women’s day mom! A bit weird, but thanks guys.

Abortion will cost you 400 bucks-Sowetan

Abortion will cost you 400 bucks. i will give you 600 for not doing it…

Jacob Zuma and culture

The articles discuss South African president Jacob Zuma, and his lifestyle i.e. the birth of his child out of wedlock, in relation to debates around “African culture.À

May 3, 2010 Themes: Politics Programs: Cartoons | Gender Aware | VRC Case studies

World Cup 2010 Billboards À“ OR Tambo Airport

The two billboards picture two South Africans À“ a man and a woman À“ supposedly daydreaming about what they would like to be doing during the FIFA World Cup. Below is the statement, ‘We get you,’ followed by the logo for Hollard insurance.

Monitor cartoon – Let the lions roar

Botswana Guardian cartoon – AIDS Month: Behavioural change

Verbatim- M & G

Verbatim- M & G