Climate change

Women and Water: On the frontline of climate change #COP27

Women and Water: On the frontline of climate change #COP27

A joint statement for COP 27 The world cannot wait. Progress on SDG 6 is much too slow. In the last two decades access to safe drinking water in Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, has increased by only 13% and progress on safe sanitation access is still slower at close to 7% (WHO/UNICEF, 2022). Long-standing water, […]

Mau: We need a gender lens on climate change

Mau: We need a gender lens on climate change

By Preetima Moteea Port Louis, 7 November: From 6-18 November 2022, the world gathers in Sharm el-Sheikh , Egypt for the  Conference of Parties (COP) 27. This is the fourth time that the COP is taking place on African soil. It is clearer now more than ever that there is urgent need to address climate […]

November 8, 2022 Themes: Climate change | Climate Change Programs: Climate change | Gender Justice

Swaziland: Maggie Dlamini

Maggie Dlamini is a business woman from Mncitsini, Mbabane in the Hhohho region. She is a single mother of four children. She was born in a poor family, raised by her grandmother. Maggie is illiterate since she dropped out of school when she was in Grade 4. She makes a living by selling mealie-bread, petroleum […]

August 30, 2018 Themes: Gender based violence Programs: Climate change

Swaziland: Swazi-Chic

Philile Tsabedze is a young lady from Ngwenya in the Hhohho region. She is single and has two kids which she raises on her own because the father disappeared, ran away from the responsibility of raising the children. She is unemployed but has finished her high school education. She started the paper recycling business in […]

August 29, 2018 Themes: SADC Protocol on Gender and Development Programs: Climate change

Mauritius: The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is a non-governmental organisation which implements projects on plant conservation and habitat restoration both in Mauritius and Rodrigues. It is primarily concerned about the conservation and preservation of endemic plants and animal species (birds, reptiles etc). The ecosystem is being destroyed due to urbanisation. Only 1.5 % of the Mauritian land […]

Swaziland: Swaziland-Green Living Movement

Green Living Movement Swaziland (GLM Swaziland) is an idea that was developed in Zambia in 2000 and was adopted into Swaziland in 2009 under the Swaziland Companies Act no 7 of 1912. It is a registered NGO committed to ensure environmental protection, sustainable community development and to help eradicate all forms of poverty. GML focuses […]

August 17, 2018 Themes: Agriculture Programs: Climate change

Mauritius: Island Bio- Food justice and poverty alleviation through a community garden.

Rising poverty, a Mauritius ranked as the African country with the highest rate of pesticide-related cancers, healthy products that seem to be reserved for an elite; all of the worrying factors that pushed Oliver, then 24, to climb the Island Bio project in 2015. Very quickly, he is joined by Cloé Chavry – 19 years […]

Mauritius: Falcon Citizen League – FALCON PEAS MODEL FARM helping to empower people at grassroot level

Falcon Citizen League is a NGO operating in Mauritius since 2004 and its aim is to provide a solution for natural farming. The project is geared towards mitigating the problem of climate change by encouraging young farmers, women farmers, planters and other person interested in the agro-industry towards sustainable development. The objectives of the project […]

Climate Change

Climate Change


September 13, 2016 Themes: Agriculture | Climate change Programs: Climate change

Declaration Treaty and protocol of Southern African development community

The adoption of the Declaration and Treaty of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) at the summit which took place in August 1992 in Windhoek, Namibia, potentially marked a major step forward for Southern Africa. The treaty represents the culmination of processes that have been underway in the region for some time.