Economic Justice

RAZAFINDRASOA Louise Marguerite, known as (Margot)_Case study_Economic Justice_Summit 2019

RAZAFINDRASOA Louise Marguerite, known as (Margot)  « THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CALLED « FANAKA MALEMY » (MALAGASY WOMEN STEREOTYPE: WOMEN ARE COMPARED AS A WEAK FURNITURE) WITHIN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY.”  Our organization is named Hope for the future. It takes care of children, young and women on health, educational, economic levels; develops them mentally and spiritually and […]

Botswana:There is life after abuse

I am a lady of 60 years of age. I am from Kanye and I started to attend Gender Links workshops. I learnt a lot about different forms of gender-based violence like sexual abuse, physical abuse, and that life goes on after being abused. This has boosted my morale regarding all that I faced after […]

July 4, 2019 Themes: Gender based violence Programs: Economic Justice

Mauritius: Beau Bassin Municipal Council – Claudia Marengo

2017: At the start, Claudia started her business as a caterer at a very small scale. When she followed the entrepreneurship training with mentor, Mantee in the region of Cite Bakly, she was very interested to improve her business.  In 2018, Claudia got the idea of starting her micro-enterprise when she noted that there was […]

Mauritius : Beau Bassin Municipal Council – Sandra Gangiah

2017: At the start, Sandra was very unsure about the business she wanted to do. She heard that people was buying items on wholesale and selling them in retail. The idea of doing a similar business crossed her mind and she went in the capital city of Port Louis to locate the place where items […]

Zimbabwe: Chegutu Rural District Council – Boarding facility for girl child only

There was a rural school with disadvantaged children who travelled for long distances to access secondary education. Some of the school children were lodging at Mubaira growth point. They ended up in difficult situations like drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution and child pregnancies. The council, as the responsible authority of the school, mobilized resources from parents […]

Swaziland: Swazi government promotes self-reliance for women and youth

The Swazi Government Micro Projects Department spearheads a project to improve the quality of life of people at local level (in rural and peri-urban areas of Swaziland). More specifically, its purpose is the socio-economic empowerment of local communities through improved community organisation, increased access to basic services in health, water and sanitation and improved food […]

June 14, 2018 Themes: Economics | Entrepreneurship Programs: Economic Justice | Protocol @ work

SADC: Making the economy work for women

SADC: Making the economy work for women

By Lucia Makamure Johannesburg, 9 October: The African Women’s Development & Communication Network (FEMNET), in partnership with the Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers University (CWGL), Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA), Christian Aid and UN Women are this week hosting the first ever African Feminist Macroeconomics Academy (AFMA). The Academy that has brought together gender activists, academia, researchers and […]

Women entrepreneurial skills not fully supported

Women entrepreneurial skills not fully supported

By Melody Kandare Johannesburg, 18 July: While on a work assignment to administer monitoring and evaluation questionnaires on the progress of the SADC protocol on gender and development in Midvaal one of Gauteng’s town I was disappointed to see the struggles of local women entrepreneurship. It made me realise that entrepreneurship policies are not fully […]

Zambia: *Yvonne Kaoma

Zambia: *Yvonne Kaoma

The most memorable experience as part of the training are things that were taught at the training like knowing that I have rights to speak when I am abused by my husband/partner and self-esteem where the facilitator told us that we are important and can make it in life even without men. I joined the […]

April 12, 2016 Themes: Economics | Gender equality Programs: Economic Justice | Entrepreneurship

Zimbabwe: Punished for refusing to leave my matrimonial home

Zimbabwe: Punished for refusing to leave my matrimonial home

Zvimba, Zimbabwe, 11 March, 2015: My name is Rosemary Muza, I am a 53 year old woman who is a victim of physical and emotional abuse. Since 1961 the year I was born, I never faced any challenges as I grew up under the care and guardianship of loving parents.