Man rapes granny ,falls into deep sleep and gets arrested – The Voice

A 29 year old man of Boseja ward was arrested while asleep after he allegedly raped a 75 year old pensioner at Sedie ward in MaunJacob Senyamba who is well known to the grannys family knew that the old woman slept alone in a house next to her grand daughters house. Police say they did not know how he gained entry into the house but he was found fast asleep inside the victims blankets and arrested on the 31st August 2012. Officer in charge at Criminal Investigative Office ,Detective Assistant Superintendent Motlapele Marupamabe told The Voice that Senyamba sneaked into the old womans house at night between 2200 and 2300 hours. The Superintendent further revealed that before committing the rape, Senyamba allegedly threatened to kill the old woman if she called for help or screamed.

Calling all the good samaritans – The Voice

A woman who was left paralysed after suffrering a stroke has pleaded with members of the public to assist her restore her dignity.Bophelo Gabaeme 42, decided to make the plea after she got fed up of living in un hygienic conditions with no toilet and no running water.
Gabaeme suffered the massive stroke that left her bedridden in 2007.Ever since she has endured the humiliation of living in unhygienic conditions whereby she often sleeps in soiled sheets because she can not be lifted to the neighbours to ask for the use of their toilet and neither does she have water for her care givers to wash the sheets.
“Although i am on home based care, i have all my senses and itis disgusting and humiliating for me to eat in a stuffy room like this one,”Gabaeme explained. The woman who was diagonosed with HIV and put on ARVs in 2007 following the stroke attack lives in a dusty room with just one small window.

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Was it rape or defilement – Mmegi

The High Court has set aside a matter in which Ozathi Makhaya allegedly engaged in sexual relations with his step daughter from the time she was nine years old in 2002 until she was 16 in 2009. Makhaya allegedly committed the offences in Francistown and Shsshemooke. The case was placed before the high court for sentencing as the principal magistrate who presided over it bowed out , saying it was out of his jurisdiction because the matter called for more than 20 imprisonment. Justice Gaopalelwe Ketlogetswe of the High Court said yesterdaythat before sentencing the accused , he needed to determine whether the case was rightfully placed before him by establishing whether the magistrate indeed have jurisdiction to decide it whether the matter was rape or defilement .

Jailed for raping orphaned niece – The Mid Week Sun

A Francistown court has jailed man for a sickening sex attack on his orphaned niece. Kenneth Bafedile (39) of Tati Siding will spend an effective nine years behind bars after senior magistrate Kgololesego Segabo backdated the sentence to the time he was first incarcerated in July 2011. The court returned a guilty verdict after satisfying itself that the prosecution had proven its case beyond reasonable doubt. The court heard that on the night of 9 May 2011, Bafedile forced himself on the complainant who is the daughter to his fiancee’s sister.

Infertility haunts couples – The Sunday Mail

Ardent followers of local television dramas during the early 1990s will recall one titled, “I Need a Child”. Because of the pressure that the main character in the drama series experienced in her household after failing to bear a child, she was left with no choice but to employ desperate measures to try and bring peace in the marriage. She then went into an adulterous affair before getting pregnant, but the pregnancy turned to be her worst nightmare since her husband had discovered that he was the one with a problem. The husband was impotent. In most African cultures women are blamed for failing to bear children and usually suffer in silence because of stigmatisation. Bridget Nduna of Harare has been a church wanderer for the past five years, seeking a solution to her childlessness, without success. “I have consulted many traditional healers and prophets to no avail. I have decided now to settle in one church and hope that God will grant me grace and give me a child just like he did to Abraham in old age.

Doctors infect woman with HIV + blood – Echo

Government was recently forced to fork out over P750000 as compesation to a Motswana woman after doctors at Pricess Marina Hospital transfused her with blood that was HIV + . High Court Leatile Dambe recently ordered government to pay the woman the money within 30 days after doctors at Princess Marina Hospital admitted that they infected her with HIV + blood, and requested for the matter to be settled out of court. Echo investigations have revealed that the woman was admitted for premature delivery at Princes Marina Hospital in December 2003 and was found to have had a low blood count. At the time , she underwent a number of tests that showed that she was HIV -. After admission at Princess Marina Hospital, the woman underwent a caesarean section after which she had a blood transfusion because of her low blood count

My Dad begged me for sex

An 18 year old schoolgirls graphic account of sexual abuse at the hands of her father could land the middle-aged man with a heftyprison sentenceif found guilty.In front of a shocked Francistown court last Thursday the girl gave evidence claiming that her 44 year old father,Ketshwenyegile Okaile fondled her breast and private parts in an attempt to have sex with her.
Giving sworn evidence before Francistown principal magistrate Kgololesego Segabo,theyoung girl confidently recounted the events of the night of 26 June 2011 when her father attempted to have sexual intercourse with her.
She told the court that her ordeal first started some days earlier when her father begged to have sex with her.

Challenging masculinities to adress sexual and gender based violence – Mmegi

Mike ( not his real name) is a form two student attending a training on sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) and factors that contributes to sgbv such as the socialization process that determines the power dynamics between men and women in society. As the information registers , he reflects pensively on the import of the message, and then asks:” will this not give too much power to women to do as they wish ? Does this mean that when I get married , my wife will not cook for me?” As the world commemorate the 16 days of activism against violence of women and children and world AIDS day 2011, and gears towards international human rights day on the 10th of December.Mikes fear are similar to those of many boys and that the world needs to adress ,if it is to nip SGBV in the bud, and in so doing, make inroads in curbing HIV infections.

Lover Questioned on mistress death – The Voice

A mine worker in Matshelagabedi vilage near Francistown was this week being quizzed about the death of his girlfriend whose lifeless body was found along the raod side. Botugile Jacobwas arreted after his long time mistress Noko Kwiti, 47 was dicovered dead at night near the Matshelagabedi Kgotla.. The married man was allegedly one of the people to be seen with Kwiti during the day.

Herdboy jailed for rape – Midweek Sun

Description : A Tonota man was last Friday sentenced for mandatory ten year jail term for raping a 14 year old girl. Moeti Otsogile ,28, of Maaloso ward at Tonota village had pleaded not guilty to the charge but the court convicted him following a fully contested trial. The herdboy cold not believe his ears when Francistown Chief Magistrate Peggy Madandume announced the verdict that will see him spending the next ten years behind bars. With his mouth wide open and eyes fixed at the Zambian-horn judicial officer, Otsogile took some moments to move out of the dock, shocked at the verdict