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Zimbabwe: Men are carers too

Relating his story to Tapiwa Manyati, a 35-year old male Zimbabwean voluntary care worker says that as men it is time to nurture ?our manhood as caring and loving partners in supporting and complimenting women?s goodwill.?

I Story – Reclaiming my life

I knew I had to let go, but it was never going to be easy. Letting go is the most difficult thing for anyone who is in an abusive relationship. We learn to love, trust and believe the people we are in relationships with. When they hurt us we ignore the abuse and instead try to find excuses for their wrong doing with the hope they will eventually change.

Time to take the ?embarrassment? out of sexual harassment

Women in workplaces throughout Seychelles continue to hide the shame of being sexually harassed by men.

NACP conducts AIDS workshop, The Citizen

The article concerns a workshop on voluntary testing and counseling by the National AIDS Control Programme.

Growing stronger

The documentary which is made up by an all woman crew looks at the humanity of a woman in a “lesserÀ profession in this case a beauty queen and model who is dealing with the stigma in her life as an HIV positive person. This is juxtaposed against the story of an equally remarkable less famous and less affluent woman

Sixteen Days 2007 Events

Media and members of the public are invited to join us for the following activities during the Sixteen Days. If you are not resident in Johannesburg, you can also join us for the cyber dialogues on the designated dates. Details for how to log on are attacked.

January 1, 1970 Programs: Advocacy | Gender Justice

Fight for gender equality ignores the rights of fathers

Fight for gender equality ignores the rights of fathers

Many people often complain about men who do not take responsibility for their children. Yet the fight for gender equality and parental rights has largely ignored the other side of the equation, men who are denied the right to equal time and access to their children. Responsibilities and rights go hand in hand.

Gender Justice Barometer Issue 26

    SOUTHERN AFRICA GENDER JUSTICE BAROMETER ISSUE 26:   AUGUST 2008     IN THIS ISSUE: SADC GENDER AND DEVELOPMENT PROTOCOL:   * Regional: Southern Africa Protocol Alliance prepares for the work ahead: "The time is now" LEGISLATION *Malawi: Malawi women cry foul over gender-biased citizenship fees *Zimbabwe: Ministry seeks funding to make Domestic Violence Act effective […]

January 1, 1970 Programs: Advocacy | Gender Justice

African leaders signal commitment to financing gender equality

With Sixteen Days of Activism now in full swing, organisations and governments are focusing significant attention on gender violence and the gender inequalities that play a large role in its prevalence in Africa. In assessing how far we have come over the last year, and what we need to do next, it is important to remember what is at the heart of making it all happen À“ money.

Photo 41

Photo 41

Madagascar 2013

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