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Man attack, kills lover with a knobkerrie – The Voice

A 39 year od woman from Nshakazhokwe village died from excessive bleeding at Tutume primary hospital some few hours after she was attacked by her jealous boy friend over the weekend. The woman was allegedly attacked with a knobkerrie by her lover who is believed to have been drunk at the time. The accused, currently helping police with investigations into the murder was nabbed a day after committing the offence in a bush near Sebina village.The man is said to have been convinced that his girlfriend was seeing another man.

Killer rapist on the run – The Voice

Police have launched an extensive manhunt for a Tutume who raped and stabbed a 30 year old woman to death last weekend.
The woman , who lived alone at Matombomashaba a cattle post , west of Tutume village died at Nyangabwe Referral Hospital Intensive Care Unit early this week.
A neighbour who prefered not to be named told the voice in an interview that the woman was brutallyattacked such as that her stomach was ripped open.
When we found the woman she could hardly speak probably she lost a lot of blood after the attack. Althogh no one saw the culprit,, people suspect a certain herd boy, said the traumatised neighbour who reported the incident to the police after attending to the woman sream for help.

Multiplication des brutalités policières contre les travailleuses du sexe mauriciennes

Les travailleurs sociaux alertent les autorités. Cadress Runghen du Groupe A de Cassis, Dhiren Moher de Vivre+ et Noor Peerbaccus, de Tan Nou La Voi (Ecoutez notre voix) ont envoyé une correspondance au Premier ministre, Navin Ramgoolam, au leader de l’opposition, Paul Bérenger, Á  la ministre de la Sécurité Sociale, Sheila Bappoo et Á  celle de l’Egalité du Genre, Mireille Martin. Lettre dans laquelle ils dénoncent la brutalité policière dont font l’objet les travailleuses du sexe.

Un mobilisateur de planification familiale congolais qui a du mal Á  faire passer son message

«Ce n’est pas facile de conscientiser les couples congolais sur l’importance de la planification familiale. » C’est le constat fait par Serge Mukongo, infirmier et mobilisateur sur le terrain pour le compte de DKT, une organisation non-gouvernementale spécialisée dans la planification familiale.

Ile Maurice : Sortir du silence pour dénoncer les souffrances

A la fin juin, plusieurs affaires de mÅ“urs sortant de l’ordinaire ont fait surface Á  Maurice. Dans le premier cas, il s’agit de plusieurs jeunes femmes qui ont brisé le silence, 14 ans après les faits, pour dénoncer le sort que leur aurait fait subir un présumé pédophile alors qu’elles passaient des vacances chez ce dernier.

Rajeunissement des suicidés Á  Maurice

L’Ile Maurice a récemment été secouée par plusieurs cas de suicides, chez des jeunes filles en particulier. Il y d’abord eu l’histoire de cette jeune étudiante d’un collège du nord du pays qui s’est pendue parce qu’elle n’arrivait pas Á  obtenir les combinaisons de matières pour continuer ses études. Pourtant elle avait décroché un excellent résultat, soit 11 unités, au School Certificate. Ce qui aux yeux de beaucoup augurait un bel avenir pour elle.

Greenpeace warns of nuclear fiasco

Greenpeace Africa has warned South Africans to be wary of a repeat of the ‘arms deal fiasco’ if government goes ahead with plans to build a nuclear station.
The Minister of Energy responded that additional studies will be conducted for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) on the nuclear-1 power station. Greenpeace yesterday called for more transparency. The additional studies touch on the key areas of concern highlighted by civil society and include the impact on the marine, dune, heritage and cultural aspects of the preferred site.

Minor raped in family attack_07122011_Midweek sun

Broadhurst Police are investigating a case in which armed robbers attacked a family at Broadhurst Ext 27 on December 3rd. According to Deputy Public Relations Officer Dipheko Motube, a man, 49, with his family was attacked by armed robbers early on Saturday. “The suspects who were five in number were said to have been in possession of sharp objects,” Motube said.

Stabbed lover lands in ICU_07122011_Midweek sun

A domestic dispute between a female Special Constable and her lover left, left her in a critical condition after the 22 year old lass was stabbed eight times with a knife.. Mpilo Siviya of Area S location in Francistownis fighting for his dear life at Nyangabgwe Referral Hospitals Intensive Care Unit.

Life for raping man

A Limpopo man who lured another from the funeral of a relative under false pretences and sodomiced him on a mountain near the graveyard has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Johannes Mpharanyane Mehlape 30 of GaMoropo village in Tshware. GaMamabolo eat of Polokwane was sentenced to life imprisonment for sodomy.