Hard news vs Soft news

Elections en RDC : Angèle Makombo, la seule femme se retire de la course présidentielle

Dans ses différentes interventions Á  la presse, la présidente de la Ligue des démocrates congolais (Lidec), Angèle Makombo Eboum, ne cessait de clamer tout haut, avec un langage rassurant, qu’elle était déterminée Á  briguer le poste suprême lors de l’élection présidentielle du 28 novembre 2011 en République Démocratique du Congo (RDC). Raison pour laquelle, elle a préféré mettre un terme Á  son travail au siège des Nations Unies où elle a passé plus de 24 ans pour se consacrer au redressement et au développement de la RDC, son pays qui, selon elle, avait besoin d’un leadership qui applique un programme solide et réaliste. Mais Á  la clôture des dépôts des candidatures pour la présidentielle au Bureau de réception et de traitement des candidatures, son nom n’a pas été repris sur la liste.

We always had sex in the bush – The Voice

A 31 year old man from Nswazi has denied raping an elderly woman after a drinking spree saying they had earlier on agree to have sex.
The accused , John Khupe said they got intimate because they were actually lovers and had sex twice before in the bush.
” On the night of 29 August 2010, i and the old lady agreed to have sex as we were lovers but on the fateful morning after spending the night drinking we were caught by the (old woman) brother in law.He started beating her up until i pleaded with him to stop”, said Khupe, who revealed that they were caught 200 mtres away from the shebeen where they had been drinking .

Ces mariages forcés au nom de la misère

Face aux crises économiques et alimentaires qui sévissent dans plusieurs pays de la Communauté de Développement de l’Afrique australe (SADC), le mariage forcé des filles est devenu une option incontournable pour sortir les siens de la misère.

La crise sociopolitique jette plusieurs écoliers hors de l’école

La crise sociopolitique coÁ»te cher Á  beaucoup de foyers malgaches et Á  plusieurs niveaux. Outre le coÁ»t de la vie qui n’a cessé de grimper durant ces deux dernières années, la scolarisation est aussi touchée.

24 year old kills lover, commits suicide – The Midweek Sun

Police in Francistown are investigating a case in which a 24 year old man from Shashemooke village is alleged to have murdered his 21 year old girlfriend of the same village and later committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree. The incident happened at Block 2 and was confirmed by Kutlwano Police Deputy Commander Assistant Superintendent Alec Marula in an interview with Ghetto Metro on Monday.

Villagers live in terror of a serial rapist – The Midweek Sun

The settlement of Maruso nestled between Digawana and Molapowabojang in the Southern district has no spark. The habitat that consists of members of one family, mostly the Mooketsis, got its name from the abundant vegetable leruso that the early elders discovered in the area’s river. The vegetable has a sour taste and this is exactly how the residents feel right now: bitter, frustrated and fearful.

Sese woman stabbed to death – The Midweek Sun

A 30 year old woman of Sese was certified dead on arrival at Jwaneng Mine Hospital on Monday night after she was stabbed with a knife. The suspect, a 28 year old man who is alleged to be the womans boyfriend is currently in police custody while investigations continue.

Man, 42, shoots wife and self-The Midweek Sun

Maun Police are investigating a case in which a married couple was found dead at their matrimonial house in Sedie ward last Saturday night.In an interview yesterday, District CID Officer Detective Suprintendent Simifane Zhibi sid the incident happened t the couples house where they were celebrating a birthday party for the wifes young sister.
During the party proceedings, the couple had a misunderstanding and the wife 36, went inside the house.The husband then followed her and closed the door.
While crowd was busy celebrating outside,three gun shots were heard from inside the house and it was only then that they realised that couples misunderstanding had turned nasty.

Mother who killed her baby faces murder charge – The Monitor

Judge Terrence Rannowane has convicted a 27 year old woman who strngled her two month old infant to death, to murder with extenuating circumstances.Judge Rannowane said he accepts that Atamelang Lesole was intoxicated at the time she committed the offence.” I will accept therefore that she was intoxicated at the time of the commission of the offence and that such amounted to extenuating,” said judge Rannowane.
Lesole is said to have smothered her baby after one of her boyfriends relatives inquired as to where she had been and why she had gone for a long, leaving a small child behind
Lesole then responded saying ,”ke tla soka golo ga lona molala ga a swa,” which means : ” I will strngle that thing of yours to death.” The relative later left where upon the acccused killed the baby.The baby died of asphyxia due to smothering.

33 year old raped by trio – The Mirror

Moshupa Police are investigating a case in which a 33 year old lady who was reported to have been raped by 3 young men aged 18,17 and 22 years at Masokwe lands in Moshupa Sub District.
Acting Station Commander Michael Maphephu told The Mirror that the victim came with with her boyfriend (34) and the spent the night at one of the accused ,and were unfortunately attacked during the night .It is reported that,during the night one of the accused called his friends and they dragged the victim to a separate house where the trio had sex without her consent.Thes three men ,locked the boyfriend in the room and they threatened the victim with a metal rod,an axe,and a pallet gun.Maphephu revealed that the victim has been taken for forensic test and the results shows that she was raped with the use of condoms.
The case has already been registered before Kanye Magistrate and the accused have already appeared for mention .Acused persons are currently on bail and they will appear again for mention after 14 days while investigations are ongoing.