The Examiner: Access to justice

This magazine contains articles covering access to justice within the communities and challenges for human rights defenders in northern Uganda where the struggle against human rights violations continues. The challenge is to respond to the demand for peace, which is the only route to justice. There is also an expose on conditions in prison and an article on mob justice.

Arise – a women’s development magazine: credit crunch

This issue focuses on the credit crunch. It examines the impact of the global recession and how we can cope with it. There are articles on financial literacy, the economic crunch and social unrest as well as young women in a time of financial crisis when young maternal deaths increase, girl child labour and exploitation increase.

Arise – A women’s development magazine: Motivating, inspiring and challenging

ISSUE 53 of the Arise Magazine gives a detailed insight into mentoring as a powerful personal development and empowerment tool and an effective way of helping young people to progress in their lives. It also shares information about Transformative Leaders; people who guide, direct, and influence others to bring about a fundamental change, change not only of the external world, but also of internal processes. Family settings, political perceptions, career/ professional direction and spirituality are some of the topics that are brought into view in this issue to give hope to young people and to the leaders and the elders of this country.

January 20, 2016 Themes: Education | Youth Programs: Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC) | Magazine

BRIDGE Gender Update

This Gender Update focuses on the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign. This year, the campaign highlights the links between education, gender and militarism as ‘an encompassing patriarchal system of discrimination and inequality based on our relationships to power.’

Lobatse Investment Profile

Newsletter for Lobatse council contains an article on sensitising investors both local and foreign with the hope that investments will foster economic expansion.

LTC Bulletin

Newsletter for Lobatse council contains an article on women sensitized on marriage.

Gender newsletter

This issue includes an article highlighting special measures needed to ensure more women in political office in Zambia. It also highlights some of the achievements of some of Zambia’s women who serve as role models to others women and girls. Information about the content of the Anti-Gender Violence Act, 2011 is also included.

Accountancy SA

The cover story of this issue is entitled Women who Inspire and features 14 inspirational women who pave the way for transformation in South Africa.

December 7, 2015 Themes: Business | Gender equality Programs: Magazine

Sister Namibia – June 2015

This issue of the quarterly magazine focuses on culture with articles on intercultural relationships, Damara girls’ initiation and female images in culture that lead to violence as well as a look at cultural femicide. Culture is a very complex subject and there is also an article that demonstrates the inventedess of Namibia’s culture. The married person’s equality act is also covered in this edition.

Women of Vietnam Review No 2 2015

This issue highlights Vietnam’s efforts to promote gender equality and the high gender parity scores posted by the country. It also examines the attempts to protect the rights of women migrant workers and the good performance in the realisation of the millennium Development Goals. Another article, however, points out that women are paid 24% less than men.

September 1, 2015 Themes: Gender equality Programs: Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC) | Magazine