SABC 3: 16 day of activism against Gender Based Violence – 04/12/2018

Name of monitor: Patricia Mahachi Name of Television station: SABC 3 Name of programme: News @ 9 Date of broadcast: 04/12/2018 Genre: News Time: Time of broadcast: 21:00:21:30 GBV focus: […]

TESO Initiative for peace: Voices for peace in Teso and Karamoja

Peace work, as one can imagine , is a complex task. Most of the time, more than two conflicting parties must be unified and the interests of various actors need […]

Where is the money for family planning services in Uganda

Family planning is one of the components of the Uganda minimum health care package which is the cardinal reference in determining the allocation of public funds and other essential inputs. […]

August 31, 2016 Themes: Health | Sexuality | Young Women | Youth Programs: Book | Health | Report

Learning by sharing: The Secretary-Genderal’s report on the implementation of the Commonwealth Plan of Action on Gender and Development

This report is an evaluation of the work done by the Commonwealth through the plan, to promote equal opportunities and outcomes for women and men at all stages of their lives. This provides an opportunity for countries to learn from each other’s experiences in promoting best practices. All efforts need to be redoubled to mainstream gender at all levels.

Report of the Commonwealth Advisory Mission on national machinery for advancing gender equality: South Africa

The Commonwealth Secretariat provided input into the debate on the national machinery for the advancement of women in South Africa; and provided recommendations to the Constitutional Assembly for national machinery to advance gender equality.

Gender mainstreaming in HIV/AIDS: taking a multisectoral approach

This is part of a new mainstreaming series on development issues. This manual provides an overview of some of the major gender issues in the HIV and AIDS pandemic and offers suggestions for a multi-sectoral approach. It is intended to enhance the capacity of Commonwealth countries to develop gender sensitive HIV and AIDS strategies and policies. It encourages the building of partnerships which respect the perspectives of people living with HIV and assist countries in establishing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. It gives a global overview of HIV and looks at the relationship between HIV and gender and the need for behavioural change in men.

Meeting the new challenges: Report of the Secretary-Genderal on the implementation of the Plan of Action on Gender and Development

This report is an evaluation of the work done by the Commonwealth over the last two years. It aims to encourage greater sharing of good practice and strategies to inspire the continuation of the critical ground work. The Commonwealth has formulated innovative strategies for putting gender equality at the heart of government.

Confronting violence: A manual for Commonwealth action

The manual is divided into four sections. Each provides definitions of the various types of violence, examines the legal approaches currently operating in the Commonwealth and explores positive mechanisms for supporting the victims and bringing about change in public attitudes.

2014 Ibrahim Index of African Government: Country Profiles

The Country Profiles provide a snapshot of every country in Africa’s performance in the 2014 Ibrahim Index of African Government, from the overall level to category and sub-category level. It covers a 14 year data period from 2000 to 2013. Analysis of trends over time take into consideration a five year period from 2009 À“ 2013.The Mo Ibrahim Foundation makes data on the quality of governance in Africa freely available. Further information can be found within the data portal on the website.

Millennium Development Goals Country Report 2013: South Africa

South Africa was a willing signatory to the MDGs because it aligned itself with the Freedom Charter, but there are still many challenges in our road to achieving the MDGs. The report shows that we have gone beyond the achievements related to universal access to education, but the country is lagging in reducing the maternal mortality ratio.