SADC Gender Protocol & Alliance

Lesotho:*Mabota Koloi*

She remembered her first interaction  with Gender Links (GL) back in  2015 and they were told to  write their “I” stories, even though she was scared she was looking forward to write her story as she had so much to write because she has been through a lot . Through the training the participants were […]

Lesotho:Mampeoane Mokete

My name is Mampeoane Mokete from Qibing Council. I’m an aspiring businesswoman working on chicken layers. I started my business with 50 layers in August 2017 and had no idea how to this kind of project being what to feed and how much for good production, medications can be used if they get sick, but […]

June 19, 2019 Themes: Drivers of Change | Employment Programs: Protocol @ work

Lesotho:Mabohlokoa Bula

My name is Mabohlokoa Bula from Lilala Community Council.Iam an aspiring entrepreneur. The name of my business is Zenzela General Café and I have registered it with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and also with the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA).So this helps me to file and pay tax end of each year. The memory […]

Dea Rene: Learning has no age

Walking on stage with two bags full of her products, Dea captured the attention of everyone with her refreshing enthusiasm and determination. Living alone, Dea is a proud mother of four children and twelve grand-children. However, she prefers being self-sufficient and catering for her own self. Hence, she resorted to the production and sale of […]

Claudia Marengo’s – small business yet big impact

Aged 64 years, Claudia narrates her journey from an employee in a factory to managing a full-fledged catering business. Claudia left her job at a local textile factory roughly ten years ago and joined the production and sale of fish balls, or boulettes in the Mauritian jargon. Circumstances built up in a certain way that […]

Ketty – the radiating entrepreneur from Mauritius

Radiating positiveness through her big bright smile, Ketty, a 36-year-old woman and mother of two residing in Chemin Grenier is an example of success. Her story is not a stereotypical one but behind her smile hides a dark past. Mental abuse and tears were a common thing in her monotonous life. Ketty has been through […]

Youth Sceal (ESAFODAZ), an example of sustainability and success.

Youth Sceal (ESAFODAZ), an example of sustainability and success.

‘’Esafodaz initiative is a business incubator with the overarching aim to create economic growth and positive social impact by empowering women at grassroots level through training on the basics of entrepreneurship, personalized mentoring prior to launching their business and access to support services for their business.’’ ​ Esafodaz is a predominantly female organisation and has […]

Kovillina Durbarry from Week-End

“I talk about menstrual health everywhere I go now. Participating in the Gender Links Journalism Training made motivated me to view things from a new lens and let go of certain privileges. It is a very important subject for me. As a woman, I can afford pads, but what about others? Walking down the road, […]

Yanick Bazile: “enn fou” (a madman) who is breaking barriers

Yanick Bazile: “enn fou” (a madman) who is breaking barriers Yanick is a young man who describes himself as “enn fou”, that is, madman or a crazy person in English because he is continuously trying to break barriers and change perceptions. As a young journalist of 24 who works for the weekly magazine, La Vie […]

June 18, 2019 Themes: Media Programs: SADC Gender Protocol & Alliance

Nicolas Ritter: Paving the way for an equal Mauritius

Nicolas Ritter: Paving the way for an equal Mauritius

Nicolas Ritter: Paving the way for an equal Mauritius Nicolas Ritter, an HIV & Human Rights activist, is the Executive Director PILS and the Vice Chair Coalition Plus. PILS is the largest HIV organisation of Mauritius while Coalition Plus unites different NGOS fighting against HIV. Nicolas, a man of art who has an immense love […]